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  1. What does this mean on a carfax?

    Vehicle serviced A/C system checked Long block replaced Oil and filter changed What’s the Long Block replace It’s a CPO Willys 2021 2.0t 15k
  2. What is this bracket on my dash?

    Bought a 21 CPO 2 door JL lease return.? I have no idea what this dash bracket is? CB holder?
  3. What’s a good price out the door on this used lease return

  4. What is a good out the door price for this 2 door lease return ret

    https://www.chryslerjeep24.com/used/Jeep/2021-Jeep-Wrangler-102b98350a0e087f51e954e3e2c597d4.htm 2021 2 door Wrangler Sport. Anything to look for? Would you run? Nothing on carfax. Have a 2019 Tacoma SR i4 for trade $25,000 is estimated trade price 27,500 is private party. 3600 miles on it.
  5. Can someone point me to that thread

    Regarding the Rubicon with a disintegrated 2.0T engine? Thank you.
  6. Questionable carfax 2020 PCM replaced my wife is interested in this jeep but I saw this what would u do?

    https://www.carfax.com/VehicleHistory/p/Report.cfx?partner=dlr_3&vin=1c4hjxdg5lw165351&_ga=2.154605169.833472714.1612381341-2041798742.1612381341 on 1/20/21 while on the lot the Engine/powertrain computer/module replaced wife really wants this jeep but I'm concerned what you do? it was a...