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  1. 2024 Bikini Order Room

    First one with battle scars is all. Itll all be ok.
  2. 2024 Bikini Order Room

    Got a text from the dealer this morning confirming jeep is on the way to them. It's happening!
  3. 2024 Bikini Order Room

    Looks soooooo good. Makes me even more hyped to get mine in! Did you get the leather or cloth interior?
  4. 2024 Bikini Order Room

    Lol well none of us have our jeeps yet, and it's too cold for people to be out in the other type of bikini. Pics should at least be coming soon of jeeps but can't promise the other types of pic will show up here any time soon. Definitely won't from me because I'm a dude and no one wants to see that.
  5. 2024 Bikini Order Room

    Can't sleep so checked in on the jeep. Eeeee! Getting closer to finally being real.
  6. I found Treds favorite jeep

    Here she is
  7. 2024 Bikini Order Room

    Heyyyy let's gooo!!
  8. 2024 Bikini Order Room

    So when do you get to pick up?!
  9. 2024 Bikini Order Room

    Well I'm happy I ordered when I did. Just was messing around on the builder last night and my build is now 1500 more than when I ordered it. Absolutely wild.
  10. 2024 Bikini Order Room

    So weird...ordered after me, scheduled after me, in production before me...
  11. 2024 Bikini Order Room

    I am super hyped to start seeing pictures of them all in real life vs the stock image on the builder. Also excited to see what people do with theirs as far as modifications and whatnot. For now I plan on different wheels and tires at some point as well as step bars to make it easier for the...
  12. 2024 Bikini Order Room

    Getting real jealous of all your jeeps going into production. It's exhausting not having a vehicle at all for months on end.
  13. 2024 Bikini Order Room

    We were all playing the bikini order room lottery.
  14. 2024 Bikini Order Room

    Well we paid the most for our color which clearly makes it the superior color lol. Plus, who doesn't like a good bikini?
  15. 2024 Bikini Order Room

    Lol and I never got an email saying I got scheduled just saw it because I check it too often. None of it has any rhyme or reason.
  16. 2024 Bikini Order Room

    I got scheduled Sept 15th but just last night got an email stating it had entered the production queue. However, still just says scheduled on the tracker. Did you ever get an email about yours going into the production queue?
  17. 2024 Order Waiting Room

    I had issues earlier this morning but seems to be "working" now. I don't think the tracker is very useful at all.
  18. I’m back in a Wrangler again!

    What in the blue seats isa goin on here.
  19. 2024 audio upgrades

    Was it just 392s? No other wrangler should come in over 70k.
  20. Comparing trims -Sport S vs Sahara

    For me I went sahara for the following reasons: I sat in the cloth seats and I sat in the leather seats and the leather seats were EXPONENTIALLY more comfortable. The cloth felt like I was sitting on concrete. Yes it was more money, but worth it IMO. The lower trims didn't have the leather as...