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  1. Skytouch in heavy snow country.

    Just ordered a Rubicon X with the Skytouch. I live in the mountains with heavy snow at times and do not have a garage. Is there a need or would it help to put a vehicle cover on to support or protect the top? I place my order October 12, so most likely be spring before the vehicle arrives 😄
  2. Federal law - purchase Jeep for CA in CA

    From a dealer in Colorado: “Hi Mike, unfortunately there is a Federal law that if you are registering your car in California you cannot have purchased it in another state. Super weird law that I just learned about from one of my managers, good luck in your search!” Is this true? I know...
  3. Skytouch wind buffeting?

    Since the Skytouch comes with the hard top surrounds/windows, is there any wind buffeting with the top open and the tailgate windowed closed at highway speeds. To my knowledge the rear window cannot be opened or removed.