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  1. Dealer cold called me today

    Yes, my order is going to be roughly $10k below msrp when I get it.
  2. Dealer cold called me today

    Yeah right, show me a dealer with $20k off a Wrangler, maybe a Gladiator but ain’t happening on a Wrangler!
  3. Crashed and rolled. Ugh. Looking for some advice

    Ouch, no real advice, just wanted to say hope you get it all fixed or insurance payoff to get another!
  4. Should I Hate It???

    Naw, go ahead and buy you one to go with your Jeep.
  5. Ducking.....Gone Too Far!

    Some folks really like their ducks! :LOL:
  6. Does this count as a roll over?

    No, it is not technically a rollover since the vehicle was not being operated under it's own power.
  7. Price increase!!

    Man, this is one big price increase, my Rubicon order from back in July is now roughly $2000 more than when ordered! Wonder if it has anything to do with the strike? Sorry, dumb question, of course it does, glad I have price protection!
  8. No Reason Here For LED Lights

    Ok, as long as you are happy, I ordered mine with the LED package and have no second thoughts whatsoever. :movember:
  9. I thought this was kind of cool

    Check back in about 6 months and let us know what you end up doing with it!
  10. To X or not to X...

    Yeah, it’s gonna look great, I always enjoy seeing the brighter color Jeeps on the road.
  11. To X or not to X...

    It will be a good looking color but no match for my Anvil to do a fender swap. 😎
  12. To X or not to X...

    What color are you going for?
  13. To X or not to X...

    I would go for the X unless you just hate the painted fenders that it comes with. At the end of the day you will have more vehicle and if you ever get rid of it the X will be more valuable, IMO, than a high optioned regular Rubicon.
  14. Carvana's offer for my Jeep dropped 27% in one month

    Being that the Carvana value is wholesale I would say it is about right for a Sport with an original msrp of $44,380 which could have been bought new for around $39,000. https://www.jeep.com/hostd/windowsticker/getWindowStickerPdf.do?vin=1C4GJXAG8MW851160
  15. i need some tire advice!!

    I would not think it would hurt anything as just the sidewall is being flexed but with that said, that would piss me off also!
  16. Virginia Beach Jeep Fest 23

    This is the second year and my guess is it is available with nothing else going on in the timeframe.
  17. Another Owner Throws in the Towel

    Sorry for laughing at the OP but that's just plain funny right there! :LOL:
  18. A good start to a sunny Saturday

    Very nice, thank you for your service!