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  1. Florida Old Jeep parts galore!!!

    Check out this auction in FL if your looking for parts to restore your project https://www.invaluable.com/search?query=jeep&keyword=jeep
  2. This takes 4xe to a whole new level (in Gladiator), not so sure about it

    This is from MotorTrend and I know it's not a 4xe Wrangler but it could soon be. Looking at it from behind makes me want to flag him down and tell him him his Jeep is falling apart because so much is hanging off of it. Enjoy the future..... I have to admit I do like the picture of this super...
  3. Looking for a lift to use in a home garage

    Hello all, I have just started looking for a lift that can be used in a home garage that can not use a regular two post lift. I realize that the lift will only be able to be used with the garage door closed and not have a garage door opener attached to it. I had just received the Costco sales...
  4. New email from RIGID

    I just received this email and figured I'd pass it on. RIGID is having a winter sidewalk sale on Nov 11th 7am to 12pm Hopefully you can save money on lights and things you have been looking for https://www.rigidindustries.com/
  5. Speaking of dogs and Jeeps......

    How many of you know the two dogs Ralph and louie?
  6. Question regarding using ground to switch instead of hot

    Hey all, I have just installed a set of Oracle back up lights, the ones that replace the reflectors in the bumper. My question is, can I run the power lead to the reverse lights and run a wire up to the dash that would be the ground for the lights, allowing me option of using or not using them...
  7. Nevada Synergy 8074 Steel Shock Mount Kit Rear Lower for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK JKU*

    Again found on eBay by a solid seller at a great price, just passing the info along https://www.ebay.com/itm/235226880049?epid=657283840&hash=item36c49d5831:g:fn8AAOSwlH1lEwNO
  8. Nevada Yukon 10945 & 10946 RH/LH Rear Axle Kit For 2020 Jeep Wrangler*

    This is on eBay and I don`t know if it`s a good deal or a great deal but I figured I would share the info. I just checked on JEGS and it`s $700 for the pair $334.99 or best offer Shipping to NJ is $84 https://www.ebay.com/itm/235084190341?hash=item36bc1c1285:g:Xh0AAOSwYrlkrB6p
  9. Nevada Smoking deal on a 4" lift kit for a 2dr JK on Ebay

    I have bought a lot of items from these guys and they are legit! I just found out about it so I figured I would pass the info along https://www.ebay.com/itm/235219338049?hash=item36c42a4341:g:CL8AAOSwi1JlDZ-R

    I received this and the interesting thing is that it says that you can use both sales codes for a purchase I hope that it helps make things a little more affordable for my fellow Jeepers Expires Tonight: 18% OFF Belly Skid Systems! Use code: EOS18 at checkout, or click...
  11. Maybe someone can help me understand....

    There has been a lot of chatter over the amount Jeep is charging for items, acessories and even paint. Every item has gone up in pricing What I dont understand is how you an chose a color like Hydro Blue on a 2023 Ram Rebel pickup which is the same offered on a Jeep Why is it $595 to paint a...
  12. Just a dream come true

  13. Motortrend`s Pictures of 392 XR with a interesting option

    I just clicked on article below and decided to go through the pictures to see whats up for the 24`s colors. To me it appears the pictures are of the outside and inside of a 2024 392 XR considering it is showing the paddle shifter and 392 motor along with red seats If you look at the transfer...
  14. Cost to build a Jeep Wrangler

    I know this must be posted elsewhere. Just for the hell of it I was on Jeeps site and built a 392 Rubicon like my 2021 that I currently own. First thing I noticed is that the base price for a 24 is $5700 more than a 23. $89,995 vs $84,290 delivered I understand there are updates on the 24 but I...
  15. Headlight Switch and lighted exterior mirrors

    I am not sure if this is something only available overseas but the headlight switch has 2 buttons instead of one. Could one be for heated headlights?? Both pictures were from Amazon`s site The other is of the outside mirrors having lights, turn signals built in to them??
  16. Air Ride for your Jeep??

    Air Ride for your JL or JT I know that this is probably old news and I can`t believe I missed out on it for so long, not cheap but you can drop that and then some on a full kit What do you think? https://accuair.com/products/2019-2023-jeep-gladiator-jt-dynamic-lift-kit-system...
  17. New Jersey Sold: ACE Engineering JLUR Rock Rails Like New $600

    Happy Easter everyone, What`s is going to take to move these pristine 4 door sliders which include the factory rock rails??? I had these on my Rubicon for roughly 3 months and they are great for protecting the side of your Jeep from parking lot mishaps Due to having a bad back and other parts...
  18. Pretty cool 392 accessories

    Check out the 392 carbon fiber steering wheel and the illuminated 392 badge. https://www.mhfautolighting.com/collections/mopar-logos/products/392-illuminated-badge?variant=14411824234538
  19. 392 XR WHEEL

    Has anyone looked at the back of a XR wheel to see if there are dimples or pockets there if you wanted to run wheel spacers?
  20. New Jersey Brand new Recon XR 392 Friend cancelled order

    Rich, If you come across anyone interested in a 2023 392 w/the Xtreme recon package, we have one in stock that the customer just cancelled on. It is just over $90695 MSRP and will have the dash panels painted sting-gray to match the vehicle color. No mark-up on MSRP, just the cost of the...