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  1. The Rubicon trim almost didn't happen (nearly cancelled)

    I haven’t watched the video, yet, but someone posted this article a while ago. Pretty interesting story: https://www.motortrend.com/how-to/154-0907-the-eep-wrangler-rubicon-story/
  2. Tires recommendation to drive on Alaska highway.

    I made the trip to Fairbanks from Phoenix a few years ago on Falken Wildpeaks with zero issues. There’s also a terrific video out from Nitto doing what you’re considering. Just search JK Experience Alaska. Probably the best Jeep video I’ve ever seen. As for tires, I think most modern ATs would...
  3. Gas Theft and Skid Plates

    I thought the same thing about a siphon, but since it was in storage, there was less that a 1/4 tank. Pretty sure they came up empty regardless of what they were doing. For the rest of the story, the military claims office agreed with our assessment and reimbursed the cost and are now going...
  4. New bumper

    Thanks! Honestly, I wouldn’t have spent that much either, but I had the Jeep in storage, and someone stole my original setup. The company said “buy some lights and send us the receipt.” I was expecting a partial payment and was fine with that as I took it as a re-do opportunity to put something...
  5. New bumper

    Finally installed my LP6 replacements. Really love the quality and light output of these. Plus, I think they go great with the Barnes bumper!
  6. New bumper

    I got this same bumper a few years ago, and I really like it! If I’m honest, it was the only one I could find that would ship to Alaska. However, I did like how unique it is. Just a different look, and I agree—super quality. I also found the winch to be a tight fit. Probably kept mine from being...
  7. Gas Theft and Skid Plates

    Crazy, but I wouldn’t be surprised. As a follow up, here’s my tank. They drilled above the skid plate which would only get you a cup full of gas at best. They didn’t get any in this case because it was in storage with less than 1/4 tank. In essence, they just destroyed my tank for nothing...
  8. Gas Theft and Skid Plates

    I don’t have any solutions to offer up here, but the reas I found this thread is because it happened to me, too. I’m a service member, and I had my Jeep in storage for the last 2 1/2 years. I went to fill up after taking delivery, and near the top, gas poured out all over the concrete. I finally...
  9. 7 Slot Customs Pritchett Canyon front bumper

    I’m sorry I missed your posts! I moved to Japan the last two years, so everything Jeep got put on hold as the Jeep went into storage. I don’t know if it’s a fair assessment, but I just got the Jeep back this week, and the bumper looks just as good as ever. Zero rust, and the bed liner looks...
  10. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    I’ve been a part of this community for a couple of years now, but we moved to Japan and our’18 JLUR has been in storage. This is the last time I saw it 😕. However, we’re moving back now, and I’m really excited to get back in the seat. Unfortunately, I had to troubleshoot a bad aux battery from...
  11. What A Change In Technology

    There’s a thread or six on this somewhere, but I swapped in some LEDs, and they made a huge difference. I can’t remember the brand, etc, but they were a lower lumen, fan less design to keep it simple and reliable. My winch touches the grill, and I was dreading having to figure out how to take it...
  12. How did you spend your first drive when you picked up your JL?

    Flew to Anchorage, then drove 350 miles home to Fairbanks through Denali. The occasion was not lost on me, though I didn’t realize I was checking off a bucket list item I didn’t know I had.
  13. Driving in the Snow - Traction Control On or Off?

    Leave it on for lightly covered roads that might be slippery. It’ll keep you straight. In deep snow, turn it off so you don’t get stuck. I got stuck in deep snow in our GC once, and I thought I was going to need a recovery. Turned off TC and it walked right out.
  14. 4WD Auto Sahara Unlimited Altitude - Wish I knew

    Just to add something to your thread... I lived near Fairbanks, AK when we got our JLUR, and we had our share of snow and ice. Honestly though, I was in 2wd most of the time. I used 4HI mainly for times when I was going to be accelerating on ice—from a stoplight or on-ramps. Holding speed and...
  15. My Jeep is “modifying” Me.

    Yep. Although I’ve been looking at off-road trailers for a while, the main thing it’s done is make think, “I bet I can make it over that.” I also don’t feel constrained by curbs, ditches or patches of non-pavement anymore.
  16. Paint or powdercoat exterior mod parts?

    POR 15 undercoat, bed liner topcoat. Super durable, able to be touched up.
  17. Advice regarding winch/bumper for a new off-roader

    There’s a ton of bumper options out there, so it really comes down to aesthetics, features like recessed winch plate and maybe width. I wanted more tire available to the terrain, so I went with a mid/stubby that opens the front of the tire up. It also came raw, which I wasn’t over the moon...
  18. 2" lift with 35s, any regrets with this set-up? Ideal set-up for 35s?

    Interested in how this turns out and your thoughts. Pretty much exactly what I want to do.
  19. Service axle locker system

    Awesome! Thanks for the info.
  20. Powder coat or spray paint steel bumper

    I went a different route, sorta best of both worlds. I used a Por 15 kit on my Barnes bumper. It comes with a degreaser, metal etcher and the final Por 15 coat. I’ve used this as a base on subframes on my Mini, too, and it’s tough as nails. After it dried, I used Rustoleum bed liner to complete...