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  1. Utah Rubi takeoffs

    PM sent
  2. Mopar 2.5 Fox shock decal replacement.

    waiting for Washington to open back up. It looks like mid June time frame. For now.
  3. Utah Rubi takeoffs

    Hey Darin Would you sell the springs and shocks as a package? Would need shipping Do the ending spring #'s have 3367AD and 3601AA
  4. Oregon rubicon suspension take offs

    You got the Golden Eagle package. I have only heard of these. I thought it was just rumors. I think Gold is over $1750 ounce. Thinking about $3.3 -$3.5 million. Then add for ultra rare parts, got to be $9-$10 mill
  5. Oregon rubicon suspension take offs

    12.5 million :LOL:
  6. Illinois Metalcloak Rear Track Bar

    Get it Ken You have the front from him :like:
  7. Anyone hear of repair companies modifying Fox steering stabilizers?

    If he has a 4.8 rating. I think he just took an out of towner for a ride. You should give a 1 star review and post price. You got a $175 part and paid $125 to have installed in 10mins.
  8. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    Both JT ( fox ) and JL ( red ) Rubicon shocks are: Front 15.750 - 23.625 Rear 17.500 - 26.000 The rear JT (fox ) holes are 14mm and have no spacers like the JL reds.
  9. Washington TeraFlex Rear Track Bar Axle Bracket Kit (2.5-4.5” Lift)

    2 holes. One for 2-2.5 lift and second for 4- 4.5 lift.
  10. Hemi 6.4L 475hp swaps - where is the data?

    I think it's more like 150-185 lbs more than the 3.6. It was only 60-80 lbs more than my 4.0 swap in the TJ. Either way I would take a Hemi over the v6 any day of the week.
  11. Repair or replace brake tube

    Good to hear you have it working again. I went with the PowerStop brand. They look just like the pictures you have. Only red in color. I will say that these fittings are tough to get started straight. After seeing your troubles I went very slow and restarted a few times. These do not thread in...
  12. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    I like the Red Rubi the best for ride, the JT fox look better. The Mopar lift fox just do not take up the street joints and bumps. They just dance across them, instead of absorbing like the reds or the JT's.
  13. Washington Eibach coil over springs

    Would be interested in your factory springs. I don't have coil overs
  14. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    I put my Mopar 2.5 fox back on today. All the interior started rattling / squeaking.....
  15. Mopar 2.5 Fox shock decal replacement.

    Nice work. Do you have a jpeg or ? file I could get from you. I know someone in the printing world, see if he can make them.
  16. Can I add the sky one touch
  17. Is there a ‘Best’ adjustable track bar?

    short answer YES.