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  1. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    With the current state of or society and economy, I wouldn't be surprised if they waited a year to release it. Currently it would be uneventful.
  2. Gas is cheaper than beer!

    I got gas yesterday. Think it was from the potato chips. Does it every time....
  3. What did you PARK NEXT to in your Jeep today?

    That is awesome. Wo der what size tires are in it? The MXT had 40s and there was plenty of room for considerably larger.
  4. What did you PARK NEXT to in your Jeep today?

    Based on seeing how huge the MXT is in person, the CXT must be massive!
  5. What did you PARK NEXT to in your Jeep today?

    It was the first time that I've seen one as well.
  6. Between "actual" tire size in Tazer

    With previous programmers you would measure the tire under the load of the vehicle and enter that number. With the Tazer, I have found entering the actual stated tire size comes out best. Using a true measurement has been off. If the tire is a 35 enter 35. I have confirmed this by using a GPS...
  7. O.K., so. we're cheapskates.

    This was going to be my answer. Go on the Discount Tire or Discount Tire Direct website. Enter 17x8.5 or 17x9 with 5-127 bolt pattern and search away.
  8. Not happy with my pieced together lift any suggestions?

    The rake hurts nothing. Stock jeeps have a rake. Actually helps with aerodynamics/MPG. Personally, I think your jeep looks fine. If it rides well, I'd keep it the way it is.
  9. New Jeep Owners: What was your last car, and WHY JEEP?

    In the past 5 years I have owned: 2020 JLUR 2019 JLUR 2019 RAM Big Horn Crew Cab 2018 JLU 2018 Grand Cherokee 2017 JLU 2016 JLU 2015 JLU I like the Wrangler for my fun project vehicle. I build them up then sell at the end of the year to start over. They historically held their value so the...
  10. What did you PARK NEXT to in your Jeep today?

    International MXT Semi Pickup truck. The pictures don't do it justice. The truck was at least 2 feet taller than my jeep. The truck was on 40s and they looked SMALL! There was room for 44-46s easily.
  11. What did you PARK NEXT to in your Jeep today?

    Double soft tops. Don't see that often! Personally I prefer the soft top over the hard top on the JL.
  12. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    This was mine. It was a beast. RK 5.5 lift, Teraflex 1.25 BL on 40s.
  13. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    I think you should have kept it. One of the best jeep colors of all time. The only thing that I didn't like about it, was that it would show a million rust specs from the road debris.
  14. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    You traded in a unicorn. There were only a handful, if that, of Hypergreen Hardrocks. I believe the package availability and color only overlapped a couple days.
  15. How Accurate Are Jeep's Dealer Arrival Dates?

    I've order quite a few Wranglers. The ship date actually translates to estimated build date. This date can range from pretty accurate to months off. It is really luck of the draw. This being said, I have had jeeps show up early, within a week or two of the date, and 3 months later once.
  16. License Plate Relocation Options

    I'm not a fan of relocating the plate to the spare. I bought the Aries relocation bracket which is for a front bull bar bumper. I was able to use it on my rear bumper with a light I bought off ebay. I drilled three holes in the bumper. I used the two outside holes to mount. I ran the wire for...
  17. Best components for Rancho lift?

    I'm a big fan of the brackets. Glad they made a positive difference.
  18. Steering wheel no longer centered

    Needs and alignment. Your drag link is off.