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  1. Outside of North America FS : Brand New Rhinorack Backbone & Roof Bars

    Hi all, for sale is a brand new never used Rhinorack BockBone System for the 4 Door JL. Included Following: RJLB1 Backbone Mounting System x 1 RDB150 Reconn-Deck Bar (1500mm) x 3 RLT600H Quick Mount Leg x 3 sets (total 6) QMFK05 Quick Mount Fix Kit (6 pieces) Total Retail - US$1476 Letting...
  2. RHD Export model exhaust

    Hi, does anyone know if there is any difference with the exhaust muffler mounting points between the US spec JLUR vs the RHD export models? mine is the 2.0t. would like to buy an aftermarket muffler from injen but not sure it will fit. thanks.
  3. Running 37s safely

    Hi all, need some advice. Am thinking to run 37s on my '23 JLUR RHD Export model. I already put in the highline fenders. Now on stock 255/75/17 rubber and stock wheels. Watched a couple of youtube videos and it seems that lots of supporting mods are needed to run them safely. However I do see...
  4. Outside of North America WTB - Xtreme Recon wheels / tyre

    Hi, looking for a set of XR wheels. DM me if you have a set. thanks CY