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  1. North Carolina Xtreme Recon Lift $500obo

    The walk off and plant shit downs made it worse but since the agreement, things are moving faster.
  2. North Carolina Xtreme Recon Lift $500obo

    I ordered one in June before I found this and it just entered production this week. Hopefully, yours moves sooner. Any new order should have the new grille but you could probably find someone to switch to the older style for free. I think you may like the new one when you see it in person...
  3. North Carolina Xtreme Recon Lift $500obo

    Hopefully your Willy’s comes in soon. Did you get the SOT?
  4. North Carolina Xtreme Recon Lift $500obo

    Not at all. This is what sold me on this Jeep. My wife loved the ease of use and I wanted her to be able to drive and enjoy it too. She had never owned a Jeep.
  5. North Carolina Xtreme Recon Lift $500obo

    Yes, this is with the 35's. I was able to fit 37's before the lift with no rubbing but they were BFG K02 37s and they only measure 36in.
  6. 2023 Willys XR Eaton Trutac or Eaton E Locker?

    I think I may change direction completely and get an ARB Air locker. They are running a 15% off sale on air compressors and lockers.
  7. 2023 Willys XR Eaton Trutac or Eaton E Locker?

    I was thinking of just spending once and being done. I may not need the locker but if I did it would be worth it. The price between the two doesn't seem too different.
  8. 2023 Willys XR Eaton Trutac or Eaton E Locker?

    I did think about that option as well. I have had multiple vehicles with a rear locker but I have never had a front.
  9. 2023 Willys XR Eaton Trutac or Eaton E Locker?

    Thanks for the feedback.
  10. 2023 Willys XR Eaton Trutac or Eaton E Locker?

    I have a Willys XR edition with the LSD and want to replace it with a rear locker but a local shop is recommending the truetrac? I occasionally offroad at places like Windrock and Uwharrie and have always had rear lockers on Toyota's in the past. This is my first JL and looking for some pro's...
  11. Mabe855

    Carolina Jeepers

    @srm93 I’ll let you know. Definitely a trip after the new year. Jeep Jamboree sign ups are next month. I’m going to sign up for the one in WV or Kentucky
  12. Spare tire license plate mount lighting options.

    What did you end up going with? I bought the same mount.
  13. Any Black Friday Deals?

    Have you seen the Rough Country twin compressor. Some people on this forum are testing them. They seem to be identical toARB at 1/4 of the price.
  14. Mabe855

    Carolina Jeepers

    I have not been to Uwharrie with this Jeep but I have in the past. Hoping to plan a trip to Windrock in January.
  15. Mabe855

    Carolina Jeepers

    Happy to have you as part of the group!
  16. Alignment Sheet after AEV lift

    I did not do the adjustable traction bar. The way it drives now with the drop brackets is great as is. If something changes I can add it later but it was designed to work without it. I had the XR and got the AEV lift to clear for my 37's. I think it has a better onroad feel now than it did stock.
  17. Alignment Sheet after AEV lift

    Not even enough to be noticeable. I love the way it rides with the lift. I can cruise at 80mph and there is no pull at all, no wobble.
  18. North Carolina Sold: Xtreme Recon Lift $500obo

    This lift came off my 2023 with less than 2k miles, never used off road or in salt. Like new condition. Everything in the picture is included. $500 obo Located near Winston-Salem, NC
  19. Alignment Sheet after AEV lift

    This was all I received so not sure. It seems to drive great. Stiffer than the factory but it feels better on the road. We will see when it comes to offroad.