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  1. Assistance required….

    Soooo, we’ve run into a small problem on our road trip…quite a big problem actually….. Since we’re towing the teardrop long distance for the first time I thought I’d have off-road pages open to monitor fluid temperatures, etc. What I didn’t expect to see being an issue was the falling number on...
  2. ARB Compressor wiring mystery - help needed please.

    I’m hoping to find someone who’s encountered the same issue or has better knowledge of electrical than I do to troubleshoot. I’ve transplanted the ARB single compressor that was in my WK2 into my wife’s 4xE Rubicon, it makes sense that we’re more likely to take the JLU off-road than the Grand...
  3. Wife became a “proper” Jeep girl today..

    We waved goodbye to her 2020 Cherokee Trailhawk and hello to her new 2022 4xE…..
  4. 4xe charge port repurposed for ARB air compressor chuck

    I realize I’m not the first to do this, I had the idea almost as soon as the 4xE came out but sat on it for a variety of reasons, but saw a request for a write up and parts list on the project. Parts needed: Mopar: 68467793AD Charge port door 6SS58TZZAC Charge port housing (cowl panel) ARB...
  5. Part number needed

    Can someone please take a look at the bracket that holds the charge port in place and see what the part number is? pic of the bracket from a video I saw online.
  6. Tub width

    My JL is in the paint shop so I can’t measure my own, can someone quickly measure the width of the tub, outside edge to outside edge, where the rear windows are please?
  7. What’s in the blankets? Guess the Jeep part(s).

    Finally home from our 8100km road trip, took a pretty long diversion to pick up some Jeep parts…there’s no box so let’s play what’s in the blankets? 😂
  8. Radio update knocked out my front camera

    Took my 2019 in for an oil change yesterday and asked them to see if the head unit (8.4) had any updates as it is still a little glitchy (Rebooting itself periodically). They ran a lengthy update and as I was driving home I realized the aftermarket front camera was now showing the blue screen...
  9. Tuffy security enclosure in a 2 door?

    I know there are a few different cargo area covers out there but I’m leaning towards the Tuffy security enclosure. I’ve read it will fit the door with the rear seat removed and it looks like it will allow the soft top to fold down and lock in position. I haven’t seen it do either of those...
  10. Calgary Jeepers for Vets food drive

    Some pictures from todays food drive.
  11. Calgary Jeepers for Vets 2021

    Hope to see the Alberta JL crew here.
  12. Aurora chasing in the JL

    Pics from the past couple of nights.
  13. Canada - Alberta Sold: 2 door hardtop, textured black

    Having finally bought a second Jeep as a daily I’m looking to let go of my hardtop. In excellent condition, used for one winter only. No chips or scratches. Freedom panel storage bag included. I think the mounting brackets are permanently on the Jeep so you’d need to order the OEM or DV8 set...
  14. Please delete

    Sold. Please delete thread.
  15. Need a 4xE VIN or a specific part#

    Ultimately I want the part #(s) for the cowl piece with the charging door - I have an oddball project in mind. My local dealer parts dept. can’t find anything yet but said they could if they had a VIN for a 4xE. I’m hoping someone will be willing to share their VIN when they take delivery or...
  16. JL Sketch / artwork

    My brother in-law has been busy doing a sketch of my JLR - I’ve told him a few times he should be doing this as a sideline and charging for his work. He doesn’t believe me - what do you guys thinks? Edit: He has started to believe that this is a commercial skill - what’s a fair price for...
  17. Bye bye Bikini for 2021 model year? [Confirmed]

    Admin edit: Bikini is confirmed to be gone for 2021 model year - per the 2021 order guides: 2-door JL order guide 4-door JLU order guide I was just reading on a FB group that Bikini has been pulled for 2021 - I know Jeep has a history of doing 2 year runs on certain colors so this doesn’t...
  18. I need a quick favor pls

    Somehow, over winter I misplaced all the bolts for the soft top (top rail and the ones that hold the locking mechanism to the roll cage bracket). Could someone pull a top rail bolt and take a picture next to a ruler/tape measure and the same for the bolts that hold the locking mechanism to the...
  19. Dash painting project - opinions and tips welcomed

    I picked up a spare set of dash panels last night and plan to have them painted / maybe give it a try myself. For those that have done this already what prep did you do to ensure proper paint adhesion (I presume a light sanding, cleaning but any specific primer types used)? Also, I’m torn...
  20. Jeep(ish) weekend project

    My wife is a nurse at a seniors home so we’re taking precautions & I’m working from home to reduce the risk of bringing something home from work that she could take into hers..... The result of this is my JLR sitting in the garage and not going anywhere. I’ve installed the couple of things I...