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  1. Pricing for Mopar LED installation

  2. Best price for high top fender flares?

    I ordered a set of oem rubicon high top fender flares from MoparPartinc for a pretty good price (470) and it came out to about $513 shipped. It was by far the best price I could find. However, I just got an email from them saying it’s out of stock and there’s no ETA for restocking, and they...
  3. Pricing for Mopar LED installation

    For those of you who have taken your Mopar LED headlights to the Dealer/ a mechanic, how much did you pay to install? Granted, I do have a sport so extra wiring and time is needed, but the number that I got from the dealer doesn’t sound right.
  4. LED Conversion Question

    Hi all, I have a 2dr Sport S and I just purchased the Mopar LED Headlights. Once installed and correctly wired I will be going to the dealership to get the LEDs flashed and I’m willing to just pay the $100 as opposed to buying a Tazer because I’ll only be using it once. My question is, later...
  5. LED headlamps stolen.

    I don’t know man... Arlington has some rough areas lol
  6. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    Wow Which bumper is that And also include your lift and tire size
  7. Advice for a new Jeeper

    I think if your thinking of doing a full overlanding kind of thing then a JLU may be more practical for your situation however it would of course be more expensive. If you don’t plan on sleeping in your Jeep while you camp, remember there are roof rack options to combine with the trunk space for...
  8. Horrible gas mileage jl

    I get 18-19 mpg driving exclusively around town with no highway driving. I have a stock sport s and to be honest if I did take on the highway I’d be averaging much higher than 19 mpg.
  9. Where is the Mopar LED Light Kit!!?

    Can I get a link to the kit and some pictures of your JL with the lights? Thanks
  10. Defected tool kit

    @JeepCares , I was installing my sunshade today for the summer and needed to drop the windshield down in order to install it. Upon applying a very slight amount of force with the provided 15mm socket wrench, the stem completely snapped off and got stuck in the wrench. I’m not sure if all of the...
  11. Wheels/Tires?

    Yeahhhh not sure about 20’ rims... I’d stick to 17-18’
  12. Stanced JL ;)

    The Sahara owners have gone too far! First 22 inch rims and now a lowered suspension kit?!?!:CWL:
  13. JL (2DR) 2018 JL Doors, Soft top, Interior and more

    How much for the left rear fender flare shipped to 76034?
  14. Part number for the left rear fender flare?

    Got into a little scrape in the garage and I need to replace the left rear fender flare. I was wondering if I can buy just that part individually or if I have to buy a full set. Thanks
  15. What is this (Came with my Jeep)

    Holy shit I like this guy! :clap:
  16. Anyone Running a 22" wheel and tire?

    I don’t know why 20” and 22” rims aren’t a factory option for Sahara’s... lol every single time I see one of these rim posts I can guess it’s a Sahara before I even look at the profile picture! :CWL:
  17. How do you balance being prepared vs being a tool?

    Bring at least 2 gatorades, a granola bar, and some beef jerky... that’ll get you through anything! :giggle::muscle:
  18. Doors Off Driving Just Impractical?

    Quite frankly I can’t even comprehend why someone would buy a Jeep if they don’t like to do any of the things that it was designed to do. You know, the features that make these things fun and unique! :rock::lipssealed: