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  1. KO2 T/A 39x13.5 R17 weight

    Still think there great. Quiet and balanced, good offroad traction. They don't fit the wheelwell as good as a 37" though.
  2. Anyone Running BFG K02's In 39x13.50x17?

    At 30psi mine measure about 38 inches, I can post a pic tomorrow
  3. EcoDiesel is the right one!

    The Ecodiesel and 8 speed trans work together perfectly, add a pedal monster to make the driving experience even better. Took about 5k miles to maximize mpg's
  4. Yea yea off roader BUT who enjoys driving their JL onroad?

    4.5" long arm with 39"X13.5 BFG KO2's on 17X8.5 Hardrock wheels.
  5. Extra weight affecting performance?

    It might be in my head. The diesel seemed a little stiffer at first and the 3.6 felt a little more nimble. Now I've noticed that the Def level sensor doesn't like steep angles and starts threatening to disable the Jeep if I don't fill it, even if it's half full. Also after several hours of low...
  6. New Bronco looks freakishly wide

    Seen this by the Ford proving grounds. The flares look like they stick out about 8" from the body.
  7. BFG KO2 39x13.5xR17 on UD 44 Axles

    I'm running 39" KO2's on D44's. I've done some moderate offloading and no problems yet. I measured them at 38" tall and 80lbs each.
  8. Dana 60's: Currie vs Dana Spicer vs Dynatrac vs Fusion

    Have you checked out Dstrac? D70's with 40 spline shafts and HP/LP options. I would like to see someone put their portal axles under a JL!
  9. Capability of a 2021 Sport S

    If you want 4:10 gears and e-lockers get a new set of Rubicon axles from mopar for $4500. After I priced out gears and lockers plus installation the cost was comparable.
  10. KO2 T/A 39x13.5 R17 weight

    Yes 39" KO2's on Quadratec Hardrock wheels 17X8.5 no spacers.
  11. Cost to paint bumper/tire carrier?

    I recently received my front bumper from Next Venture and my tire carrier from Motobilt, both arrived un-painted as expected. Today I brought them to a local body shop for a quote, I told them that they were offroad parts and I basically want to keep them from rusting. I told them semi-gloss...
  12. Worth trading in my 3.6 for the 3.0??

    I prefer my 3.0 over my 3.6 for driving on-road. The 3.0 turns my 39X13.5 tires effortlessly and i just did a 4 hour drive and averaged 24 mpg.
  13. Yea yea off roader BUT who enjoys driving their JL onroad?

    I like driving my jl so much I decided to put all-terrain tires back on.
  14. Which one of you was this? $100K Jeep flooded and totaled in the river

    Apparently not all offroader's have a girlfriend like mine. 😀
  15. KO2 T/A 39x13.5 R17 weight

    Nice to have quiet tires again!
  16. KO2 T/A 39x13.5 R17 weight

    I recently purchased a set of these 39"x13.5" KO2's. They weighed an average of 80.4 lbs each. Possibly a typo on BFG's website, maybe it's supposed to say 79.49lbs instead of 69.49lbs.
  17. KO2 T/A 39x13.5 R17 weight

    @Discount Tire , do you have an idea of when the 39x13.50r-17 ko2's will be available?