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  1. Any way to update the 8.4" UConnect if you upgraded it yourself?

    No. I gave up and bought the Alpine unit. I am tired of this whole lack of support situation from Jeep. There is no excuse for it. If it can be installed in the factory and work, it should be able to be installed after market and work.
  2. NW dealer recommendation

    Check which part number they ordered for the LED headlights. The original part number changed to a new one, which may be why you are still waiting.
  3. Stay away from Rairdon's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Kirkland

    That doesn't concern me as much. If you are concerned about price, you have to get out of the Seattle area and go where the overhead is significantly lower. A car dealer in a region with significantly lower expenses can still make margin at a lower cost basis. I get that in this area, I have to...

    The instructions that came with the kit for the LED headlights have the code that needs to be entered to activate the halo lights. There is also some additions to the wiring harness that need to be made. Those are in the instructions as well. Take the Jeep back to your dealer, and ask them to...
  5. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    Can you Lemon Law the vehicle over this? ESS is something that they put in these vehicles in order to get their emission and MPG numbers for the EPA. This is critical to that system, as opposed to something like a radio.
  6. Stay away from Rairdon's Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Kirkland

    That is funny. They installed LED turn signal fenders on my Jeep. They still can't make them work. I used a Tazer JL to get them going. It isn't their fault, Jeep refuses to givev MOPAR the codes to enable them... still, they can't make it work.
  7. Replacement LED Tail lights that support blind spot detection

    You would think. You would also think that back up lights that actually effectively light things up would be a solved problem! Apparently, FCA proves otherwise. Again.
  8. Replacement LED Tail lights that support blind spot detection

    Thank you for that. I am waiting for the new AEV bumpers to come out, and then I will just add some proper LED lights to the back to light things up.
  9. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    Thank you for that tip. I have added it to my Jeep Hacks one note, for future reference. For now, I will keep taking it to the dealer so that it will help Jeep better understand that they need to fix their design problem, as it costs them money do deal with this every time I take it in. If I...
  10. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    Before the replacement, I would hook the Jeep up to a batter tender (CTEK model) overnight. ESS would start working after about 10 miles. It would last for two trips, and then go back to being disabled, batter recharging mode again. I need to go back to the dealership and get it looked at...
  11. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    There are several really good threads in these forums on how this hook up works, and how it can by bypassed. Do a quick search. Here is one of them:
  12. 7” to 8.4” upgrading screen size success

    Tazer has a new beta firmware that claims it will do it.
  13. Suggestions on what website to purchase OEM 8.4" Radio?

    This is the same BS I ran into. Jeep won't support anything that wasn't installed at the factory. Dealer won't support the 8.4" unit in anyway. I gave up and went with the Alpine. Super happy now. Jeep seems to go out of their way to fail at every available opportunity. I can't see any valid...
  14. Suggestions on what website to purchase OEM 8.4" Radio?

    Skip it and go third party. Jeep won't support the installation anyway, so you may as well go with a solution that works.
  15. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    A few weeks ago, the dealer replaced my AUX battery to resolve the issue. This worked for about a week. I been stuck in the ESS disabled, recharging battery mode every since. When this Coronovirus stuff lifts, I will contact my dealer for a second time to service this emissions feature.
  16. Positive Service Experience at Rairdon's in Kirkland

    I have been critical of Rairdon's in the past, so it is only appropriate to call out that I finally had an experience with the service department that was good. Typically, I take in my Jeep. The service manager does not document what I ask to be done, even when I send it in email... cutting and...
  17. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) on 2018-2020 JL Manuals [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    I took my Jeep in yesterday to the dealer for an ESS failure. No mention of the recall whatsoever. The recall does appear in my MOPAR app on my iphone.
  18. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    Quick update - for the ESS problem, the dealer acknowledged that the ESS battery was dead. that is being replaced. they had to order the part. Hopefully I won't need to revisit this one. - completing the installation of the LED headlights.. they were not level. Apparently one of the lights was...
  19. Stop/Start Not Ready-Battery Charging

    I took mine into the dealer this morning. 2018 Sport S that I purchased new in June 2019. ESS not activating due to battery recharging. If I leave it on a battery tender all night, I get ESS finally engaging after about 15 miles of driving. It works for a couple of 20 mile trips, and then goes...
  20. Jeep Cares (HAHAHAHA) Really Jeep.....

    Unfortunately, Jeeps doesn't consider Mopar parts any different than Teraflex or any other third party manufacturer. If the parts did not come on the Jeep from the factory, you will get no support from Jeep.