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  1. Grinding noise

    You've saved me a lot of hassle. I was about to switch out my wheel bearings. But after reading this thread I doubled checked and had a missing plastic fastener. The plastic would only droop when it was hot and after driving for a while and would quickly pop back into place after cooling. Very...
  2. Grinding noise

    Crazy, would the noise happen at low speeds after a long drive?
  3. Grinding noise

    Did you figure this out? I have the same sound coming from the front left. I'm assuming it's a bad wheel bearing. But any other hints would be appreciated.
  4. 2 Door Roof Rack Options

    Must be this one?
  5. Ground tent vs RTT

    Decathon 2 second tent fits above the roll bar with a bungee.
  6. Disadvantages of Sports w/ Rubi 33's

    Good: Once recalibrated works great. Bad: Dealer will use it as an excuse not to work on the Jeep if something comes up(unless you re-calibrate through the dealer)
  7. U0418 U0432 codes and traction control button stays lite after off-roading

    Dealer doesn't want to sort anything out since I have Sport with Rubicon takeoffs. This is what they've said so far: "SCANNED FOR DTCs AND RETRIEVED C0051-62 STEERING WHEEL POSITION SENSOR SIGNAL COMPARE FAILURE. SEARCHED FOR TSBs AND STAR CASES, NO INFO FOUND RELATED TO THE CONCERN. TURNED THE...
  8. U0418 U0432 codes and traction control button stays lite after off-roading

    Thanks but is it not this instead?
  9. U0418 U0432 codes and traction control button stays lite after off-roading

    Every-time I off-road I get U0418 and U0432 codes and traction control button stays lit even after returning to the highway. Typically the issues persist for a day and then goes away. I've taken it to dealer and and they are claiming this is normal? Clearly they are not going to be super helpful...
  10. Anyone also own a Subaru Crosstrek?

    Good: Drives really great on snowy roads. Terrible: I had oil issues with manual transmissions. Impressa them a Crosstrek. . Dealer was worthless. Settlement didn't address the the issues.
  11. Maximus-3 JL Roof Rack System

    Been checking daily....any discounts for those as dedicated?
  12. Available-ish -- RockHard4x4 2.0L Bellypan Skid

    Any updates on 2D 2.0 skids?
  13. Troubleshoot Popping after Rubicon takeoff install

    I would guess one of the coils is not seated correctly and is bumping against the metal towers that hold them.
  14. What are my options for locker / LS front Dana 30?

    I've installed one. It's at least 1 MPG. @anotherWS6 loves to speculate but he is clearly biased to the dramatic. The jeep handling does change the torq locker installed. I find it predictable and I'm just more intentional about being in 2wd or 4wd. The same aurgument used against front auto...
  15. Metalcloak's Full Line of JL Wrangler UnderlCloak Skid Plates

    Thanks for looking out for us 2d jeeps!
  16. LoD Destroyer Series Sliding Roof Rack

    It's the 2 door owners that really need roof racks....we....wait...we...wait.
  17. Tire pressure display disappeared

    Make sure it says "TPMS: Yes" and then do a hard reboot.
  18. Dead battery and limp mode on trail

    Yes mine has been in 4 low plenty with no issues. I had a battery issue once that was due to tazer + uconnect battery drain while parked(tazer has since patched that). There is a voltage screen you might start monitoring. I checked it often in both running and not running to figure out what...
  19. Well, we blew up our JL

    Honestly the mods detract from what you two do. In my wildest dreams you would move to rocking a stock sport just to show us how to wheel the s#@% out of it.