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  1. Servicing Specifications & Intervals

    Sorry typo. Pls delete reference to "cheap" in my last post. The more info we get the more we learn and the more informed we are.
  2. Servicing Specifications & Intervals

    As I said I wanted to know what other choices of oils and fluids I can use on my JL. Mopar Parts and fluids are good but really expensive and often the fluids are just are a branded cheap and readily available alternative. The JL 8 speed transmission uses a special clear coloured fluid that...
  3. Servicing Specifications & Intervals

    Is there a page on this forum where I can look up service intervals and oil & fluid specs. I have a JL Rubi and want to service my True Loc diffs and would like to confirm what oils to use. It would also be good the get a list of other non Mopar specs for fluids such as the transmission etc...
  4. 2.2 diesel tuning

    The figures on the chart are based at the rear wheels whereas Jeep quote figures at the flywheel/engine
  5. 2.2 diesel tuning

    I have just had my JL 2.2 Multijet remapped. There's heaps more torque and Horsepower now with very little lag. I had it done by a local specialist custom tuning company, Coyote Tuning in Brisbane Australia. They do a pre tune dyno run and another after the tune. see attached the results
  6. Turbo and Towing

    This is because the diesel produces it's max torque and KW at lower engine revs so it doesn't need to have the lower ratio diffs
  7. Turbo and Towing

    I believe you were test driving the 2 litre turbo petrol because they don't have the 2.2 turbo diesel as an option in the USA. It's just for export to Europe, UK, South Africa, Dubai New Zealand & Australia
  8. Welcome to the 2.2L Turbo Diesel Technical pages

    HELP for all JL gas (petrol) and diesel owners Hi All, I'm trying to find the JL DTC (list of diagnostic error codes). Can anyone point me toward where I can down load the file?
  9. 2.2 diesel tuning

    I have just found a a local tuning company to do a ECU remap on my 2.2 export JL. It's a Brisbane based performance tuning company. The owner of this shop also owns a JL diesel as well as a JL 3.6 petrol as well as a number of other Jeeps and 4wds. He has been testing and developing the tune on...
  10. 2.2 diesel tuning

    I'd be checking if this local (Gold Coast?)tuning guy is referring to the older 2.8 litre JK diesel. I'm not aware of a company doing multiple JL tunes in Oz yet and there's certainly not enough JLs in Qld or NSW to claim he's done a few already. See my post further down about a Brisbane Company...
  11. 2.2L Crd Jl Rubicon

    Supercheap auto usually have a big range of assorted hose you can sort through to find a shape and I'd to suit.
  12. 2.2 diesel Catch Can

    I must be the first diesel owner to think of this add on & correction. Still waiting for feed back and thoughts.
  13. Welcome to the 2.2L Turbo Diesel Technical pages

    I totally agree with your comments, diesel produce more torque and that's what you want when going serious off roading. Why petrol with no torque just massive HP just to roar off at the lights or spin the wheels in the mud. My 2.2 Rubicon is awesome, the fuel economy is outstanding both around...
  14. Turbo and Towing

    The 2.2 is a better option for towing because the engine produces far more torque (Nm) than the 3.6 litre Penstar petrol engine. For towing it is more important to have more torque than horse power (Kw). A a basic and simple way to describe the two, horse power is "get up and go", quick...
  15. 2.2 diesel Catch Can

    Has anyone set up an oil Catch Can on their JL 2.2 diesel yet, if so can you show us your set up and where you connected the pipes and what style and brand of Catch Can did you decided to use and where did you mount it.
  16. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    I've been running an AEV Dual Sports 2.5" lift since October last year. My previous JKU Rubicon had the AEV 3.5" lift and when I finished installing the new lift in the JL I sat both cars side by side and the heights at all point of reference were nearly identical give or take a few mm. I now...
  17. Jeep Hardtop Remove and Storage

    I made up a hard top lift in my shed using 5 spare assorted yachting blocks, some old yachting ropes and a specialised boat trailer winch that has a clutch drag system which I bought off Gumtree. Total cost $50 but if you had to buy all the gear the cost would be around $300 The hard top now...