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  1. US HIgh Line Fender Flares

    Ah, don’t even ask... fuel efficiency (tires), pedestrian safety (bumpers), and etc. and etc. BUT, we are lucky guys to have SelecTrac transfer case on our Rubi’s, as the US Rubicons they have either 2H or 4H - they don’t have 4Auto which means you have an exclusively RWD vehicle untill you...
  2. US HIgh Line Fender Flares

    Awesome looking Jeep, Dennis! Great job!
  3. Best UK Aftermarket Towbar Option for Jl Rubicon Diesel?

    Rick, Tony, hello! Could you please advise if the hook itself is actually removable, so you can permanently have the base mount installed , and the hook only when needed? Also the AllMoparParts says part number for wiring kit as discontinued :( ...
  4. Euro JLUR 2020 Punk'n - Vehicle / Build journal

    Now THAT was a VERY useful input, Tony, thank you! Will definitely keep it in my bookmarks - sooner or later I might need it.
  5. Euro JLUR 2020 Punk'n - Vehicle / Build journal

    Nope, and they never replied to me regarding that even they charged me for that, ridiculous. I saw couple of Jeeps here with aftermarket tow hooks, and I can remember that I saw the holes where it can be attached while installing the rear steel bumper. Probably the EU-style plastic bumper needs...
  6. Euro JLUR 2020 Punk'n - Vehicle / Build journal

    Yes, I remember navigating through the menus when just purchased my Jeep and it showed 100% like now - as I understand there’s a simple floater level indicator in the tank.
  7. Euro JLUR 2020 Punk'n - Vehicle / Build journal

    Hey everyone, a little update here - I had only 3'200 km on the odometer, and the AdBlue warning came out saying the engine won't restart in 2'200 km... I ignored the message for around 300 km more to see how it goes, but yesterday a "Check engine" light went on, so I added 10 liters of AdBlue -...
  8. 2.2 diesel tuning

    Wow, the torque increase is impressive, but I wonder why pre tune measurement shows only 136 hp and 313 Nm if technical data says 200 hp and 450 Nm ... Or that is what's exactly measured on wheels?...
  9. US HIgh Line Fender Flares

    25 mm spacers should be fine and with this tire size most probably tires won’t stick out. Just make sure and double check that the wheels’ studs are not longer than 25 mm - otherwise they might stick out above the spacer’s outer surface and will not let you fit the wheel securely tight, which in...
  10. Major Improvements

    We all have this gap with US steel bumper because it attaches to the frame and there's no way you can bring it closer. I have the winch installed, so I can't use the plastic filler. I don't have better photos now, but believe me - You will get used to it very soon ))
  11. JL in Europe

    Hey Joshua, sorry I missed your post for some reason. If this could be still useful for you - I will do it tomorrow.
  12. JL in Europe

    Use some WD40 on them, could this help? I discovered many points in Jeep making strange noise unless you put some lubricant on them, lol
  13. JL in Europe

    You’re very welcome. I even tried to insert the small hex key into it - no luck. I wonder how it’s fixed as the thing sounds like metal if I knock on it, hmm...
  14. JL in Europe

    Hey Joshua, but it looks like a rivet or something like that - it has just a round hole in the middle and I can’t even imagine how it can be unscrewed...
  15. Euro JLUR 2020 Punk'n - Vehicle / Build journal

    And some nice good night photo of the Jeep in the Jeep territory ;)
  16. Euro JLUR 2020 Punk'n - Vehicle / Build journal

    And finally I've created a shortcut from the main screen so I can access it easily any time I need it. Another good news is that the camera is working at any speed and doesn't' turn off unless you do it. What I'd like to add as a conclusion: 1. The front camera may be useful when approaching...
  17. Euro JLUR 2020 Punk'n - Vehicle / Build journal

    Here's how it goes with the BOLT hood lock - both locked and unlocked - no issues:
  18. Euro JLUR 2020 Punk'n - Vehicle / Build journal

    Since I have installed the BOLT hood lock, the Zautomotive camera wasn't an option for me. I also didn't like the price, especially after shipping&taxes here in EU... So I've bought a simple 480p rear/front camera (be careful - most of the cameras sold are REAR VIEW ONLY, which means you get a...
  19. Euro JLUR 2020 Punk'n - Vehicle / Build journal

    Hi everybody! Uff, it's been a month since my last post! Looks like the cancelled quarantine measures have cancelled my Jeep activity, but this is not true ))) As planned I have finally installed the front camera. Some of you might remember that I have passed the cable for the front camera...
  20. Major Improvements

    Nice look, Leigh! I think I'm gonna need your help on the front parking sensors, as I still haven't solved the false alarm issue with the left and right front sensors. The craziest thing is that they work fully fine without any faults with the back covers of the bumper end caps removed - as...