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  1. Jeepers who do a spare tire delete, what is your plan in the event of a flat?

    Keep in mind that fix a flat will only work with a smallish puncture (nail, screw etc). There are a lot of things that can go through a tire that require more to seal them up. Hence the rest of the repair kit. A simple plug kit alone (along with an air source) is in itself a far better piece of...
  2. Why do some people bother buying wranglers?

    I mean, I have to disagree. They are pretty accurate representatives of what I know the off-roading community to be like. Their style of wheeling is very similar to that of myself and most people that I know. You have to understand that there are also plenty of times you have to say “is this...
  3. Jeepers who do a spare tire delete, what is your plan in the event of a flat?

    For those of us with beadlocks, it’s a bit easier to repair on the side of a trail, or road or wherever. If you have the proper equipment, pretty much anything is repairable (at least enough to get you off the trail and to safety). Here are 2 videos by bleepinjeep that he describes why his...
  4. Rigid and Baja design mounting

    I doubt it, but worth a shot, Does anyone know if the mounting width is the same between the BD squadrons and Rigid D-series? I bought the Artec A pillar mounts which only specifically work with the rigids. Thanks
  5. Looking for an adjustable steering stabilizer that works with metalcloak’s relocation bracket

    Wondering the same thing. Did you find anything that worked?
  6. Single Shear Steering Stabilizer Mounts

    Quick question for any engineers, or "old salt dog" wheelers...I know that if applied properly, a single shear setup in certain applications is just fine. My question is do you think this is one of those instances? I'm not sure if the load a steering stabilizer sees is substantial enough to...
  7. Giveaway of the Month - December 2018 -- JL Front Axle Disconnect Skid Plate Upgrade Kit, RockSport

    I’d love this, it would go along nicely with the 2.5 True Dual Rate kit that just got delivered to my doorstep 3 or 4 days ago!
  8. Why do some people bother buying wranglers?

    Brother, the whiny millennial your speaking of has many, many videos of him actually fabricating entire vehicles and thrashing them in ways no full bodied JL is likely to do for some time. Not that Brittney and Kevin aren’t putting their Jeep through its paces, but Bleepin Jeep is on another...
  9. Aftermarket Rims / Wheels

    Google image search "ULTRA 4 CAR" and see which wheels 50% of them are running. Should answer your question
  10. Waterproof Interior

    I've got a few offloading trips and lots of road miles on my JLUR so far (9300 mi). Carpet is removed, comes right out without any tools. Real east to put back in if you'd ever want. I wont. There are drain plugs in the rear. There are actually drainplugs everywhere...front, under seats, rear...
  11. Jk to JL adjustable control arm compatibility?

    I'd really like to hear your specs if/when you build your suspension. I'm not completly counting out a long arm. I probably even should just go for it right away.
  12. Jk to JL adjustable control arm compatibility?

    CuylerTech, Yeah, I'll probably go with the rebel kit unless I fab up my own towers and whatnot and piece the rest of the parts together myself. But the main reason for this thread was to address the control arms. The rebel kit doesn't come with any. So I am looking to replace the factory...
  13. Jk to JL adjustable control arm compatibility?

    Thanks Mr. Butt. I'll throw some of that info on here in case others are curious too. I'm looking to do some king coilovers as well as their bumpstops, but don't yet want to commit to frame modification. If I end up feeling like I am not getting the offroad performance I'm looking for out of a...
  14. Jk to JL adjustable control arm compatibility?

    I'm trying to piece together a bit of a Frankenstein lift right now. Without having all the parts I'd like to use available specifically for the JL yet, I'm trying to see if I need to wait for now. I'm looking to use some Currie adjustable control arms with Johnny Joints on both ends. I'm...
  15. Sleeping Pad in the JL Unlimited

    I've got it all haha. I wish I took better pics...bit here are a few from the trip to wheel with a friend in Colorado springs.
  16. Sleeping Pad in the JL Unlimited

    Went to Colorado from Ckeveland last week. Slept just fine laid out in the back. Laid out my inflatable mat after not doing so on my first night though haha.