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  1. Oil Catch Can

    I installed the Mishimoto catch can today. Quality products and easy install. $200 for a $50k+ investment seems palatable to me.
  2. JLUR Pitch & Roll on Radio Display?

    Anyway to get the Picth and Roll shown on the 7" UConnect display?
  3. Anyone Install Ignition Cut-off Switch

    Thinking about adding a hidden ignition cut-off switch inside someplace. Anyone done this or know an easy tapping point to cut-off run power? Thanks
  4. Drive Shaft CV Source?

    The CV/Rzeppa itself
  5. Drive Shaft CV Source?

    Anyone know the details of the JL drive shaft CV's? One up front and two in the back. Looking for a source. Thanks
  6. Dana 44 M210 / M220 Diagrams?

    Anyone have them? I have searched all over and can't find them anyplace. Looking for u-joint and bolts spec's. TIA
  7. 2021 JLUR delivered 10/2

    Got her new shoes on today
  8. DIY: Add USB Port into Upper Dash Tray

    Does the new USB outlet work with CarPlay?
  9. 2021 Adds Two Additional USB Ports?

    2021 JLUR only has a 12v plug in the cargo area. It is hot all the time. I already popped the panel and added a dual USB outlet for utility use. Very easy.
  10. 2021 JLUR delivered 10/2

    Next phase includes phone mounting, and probably another dash top USB, Also working on F/R bumper options including winch. I am leaning towards the Smittybilt Gen 1 Bumper because it is rated for flat towing. I am leaning towards the Cavfab mid rear bumper for looks and clearance. I am leaning...
  11. 2021 JLUR delivered 10/2

    Tires are delayed since I inadvertently ordered 15” tires.... Also bought Dana 44 diff covers, but I needed M210 and M220 so waiting on those too.
  12. 2021 JLUR delivered 10/2

    Installed a pair of Oracle LED headlights today. Very happy with the color and cast, but the didn’t lock in the housings very securely. After sending pictures and video to Oracle they wanted them I got some large o-rings to fill the gap and they snugged right up.
  13. 2021 JLUR delivered 10/2

    FYI-the cargo plug and now USB are always hot. The ones in the dash are only hot with ignition. I wanted these to be able to charge some radios I have.
  14. 2021 JLUR delivered 10/2

    Another side job. Installed duplex USB Ports in the cargo area. This was super easy and only took like 20min. Panel pops off and there is a body ground and power from the 12v plug right there. Drilled a 1 1/8th hole and mounted it right up.
  15. 2021 JLUR delivered 10/2

    Oh yeah, installed some Rock Rails in lieu of the Rubicon ones. Can’t remember where I bought them.
  16. 2021 JLUR delivered 10/2

    Side job to install Rugged Ridge Hood Latches
  17. 2021 JLUR delivered 10/2

    Lift kit is in
  18. 2021 JLUR delivered 10/2

    Here’s the build plan at this time. Rock Krawler X-Factor 2.5” lift Fox Shocks Asfir AL Engine & Transfer Case Skid Plates EVO FAD Skid Plate Rock Hard Arm/Shock Skids Pro Comp 17x9 wheels Milestar Patagonia 35’s .....
  19. 2021 JLUR delivered 10/2

    Took delivery of the JLUR after having a great buying experience with Travis Reynolds @ Tri City Jeep. Only took one day for the carrier to get it here from NC.
  20. Recommended Dealers List

    Ordered my 2021 JLUR from Travis Reynolds at Tri City Jeep in Eden, NC. I live in Clevelend. Zero hassle pricing. Easy order process. Arrived about 5 weeks after ordering. They overnighted paperwork, with return overnight envelope, and it was done. I arranged PU the next da and vehicle arrived...