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  1. Safety Flag

    Sounds like you’re going to Silver Lake MI. You are likely best to get it there. Unlike most places it goes on the front. They have kits to attach it to the tow hook.
  2. Trailer brake controller location

    This method may OK for some electric brake controllers, but not for my 'proportional' Tekonsha Prodigy P3 as it needs to be mounted in a particular orientation to work properly. After being mounted it is also needs adjustment for gain and boost and if moved would need to be re-calibrated. It can...
  3. Utility Trailer+RzR, what anti sway device?

    Your best strategy is to make sure the tongue weight is 10-15% of the loaded trailer weight and keep your speed below 65 mph. I use an Eze-Lift weight distribution hitch with anti-sway bars.
  4. Mopar Brake Controller Installation

    The page says that it is only available for preorders with no ETA for delivery.
  5. 2019 2 dr wrangler 2.0L 4 cylinder - towing trailer without brakes

    I understand what you are saying, but when giving 'advice' on an internet forum I think it is better to use some 'weasel' words. For example, if there were an unfortunate incident, such as loss of control due to trailer sway, I would not want to be pointed to as the person who's comment was...
  6. 2019 2 dr wrangler 2.0L 4 cylinder - towing trailer without brakes

    Generally, trailer instability is created by a combination of improper loading and speed. Load the trailer so that about 10-15% of the total weight is on the tongue and keep your speed below 65 mph and you will likely be OK>
  7. Tailgate Key Lock Missing

    Do you have a link?
  8. Hardtop Hoist Suggestions

    The build quality of my Racor is good. Topsy also offered an metal upgrade to the Racor rack plastic cable cams. I would recommend this too.
  9. Hardtop Hoist Suggestions

    I like my Racor with the Topsy straps and lift points. The Racor has a platform where I store the freedom panels.
  10. Doors Off In The Rain

    First time getting caught in a thunderstorm with the doors off today. It seems that if You are driving fast enough (80 k/h) you don’t get wet.
  11. Towing Basics...

    You will need an electric brake controller. If you have the factory tow package the wiring is likely in place under the dash. IIRC it is a blue wire that goes through the factory 7-pin plug to power the brakes.
  12. Crash

    Have you been able to get the police to withdraw your ticket?
  13. Am I the odd person out for wanting/preferring a soft top?

    I ordered the dual-top, but immediately removed the hardtop and installed the soft-top. Having the dual-top is an investment as it makes a huge difference in resale/trade-in in this area.
  14. JLU oil change frequency

    To make changing oil even easier and not having to purchase drain plugs I installed Fumoto drain valve. No wrench or socket needed to drain the oil. You can connect a drain tube to it so that there is no chance of spilled oil.
  15. Crash

    Some of the questions you will need to have answers to for court: 1. How long were you at a complete stop before being struck? More than a second or two? 2. Did the driver who hit you claim to the police officer, who investigated the accident, that you weren't paying attention to traffic and you...
  16. 3.6 - For Those Running Premium Fuel

    Try the Pure Gas website for ethanol free gasoline. Here is the map for IL. Or go to It looks like there might be some available near you in Smithton.
  17. How do you manage a naked Wrangler storage overnight?

    It appears they only go up to a JK - no JL.
  18. 3.6 - For Those Running Premium Fuel

    It is possible if the premium gas is ethanol-free. Most premium gas here in Canada has ethanol (Costco 91 is an exception), but some states allow ethanol-free premium gas. Check out