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  1. FCA just cancelled my warranty because of "aftermarket stuff"

    Sounds like the extended warranty was something everyone who planned any mods should have skipped.
  2. Mark Allen Says Full Electric Wrangler EV Can Be Even More Capable Off-Road

    But he's clearly talking about a completely different drivetrain without solid axles. There are a lot of advantages to electric motors at all 4 wheels...but that's going to be a one off design, not something with Dana axles under it.
  3. AEV turnkey builds

    I can think of a lot better parts I could spend $12.1-15.6K on.
  4. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    Looks like many lakes in BC, Canada
  5. Wheel Falls off on Highway After Tire Rotation

    That looks amazingly good for a vehicle that lost a wheel at 60 mph. I doubt your differential was damaged by the event, but I probably would pull the cover and have a look for any obvious damage to the ring gear. Much more likely is that your front axle housing is tweaked, the knuckle is...
  6. IIHS rollover test?

    Mea Culpa. Didn't notice the drive axle. You're right that flaring out the very front of the frame would help in this specific accident test.....and then people would have to cut it off b/c it would fuck your approach angle (and limit the diameter tire you could clear). I wouldn't be...
  7. IIHS rollover test?

    A 2WD Ram 1500 isn 't going to run a larger diameter tire like even an IFS 4WD would....which means it doesn't need to have the frame come in as much.
  8. IIHS rollover test?

    It's an IFS frame and it is still narrower in front than at midship. But whatever...if you think that's what caused the tip over, you don't need my permission and frankly, this whole thread is much ado about nothing.
  9. IIHS rollover test?

    I'm just saying that pretty much all ladder frames are built that way and there's no real way around it. If the other vehicles don't exhibit the behavior and have a very similar shape....that's not the underlying cause of the tip over.
  10. IIHS rollover test?

    Hopefully they'll respond with an even wider track width on the axles....but I highly doubt it.
  11. IIHS rollover test?

    Almost all vehicles are built that way. They have to be, otherwise the tires would scrub the frame rails when they turn and articulate.
  12. Axle articulation newb question

    Truth be told, they aren't very flexy in stock trim. This is ours on 37s with factory suspension:
  13. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    In truth, full bodied vehicles are pretty limited in the level of trails they can handle unless you're willing to sacrifice the sheetmetal. If you don't care about the body, and don't mind driving a wrinkled up soda can, I've seen full bodied rigs do some amazing obstacles. Personally...
  14. JL IIHS Crash Test Videos - Marginal Overall Safety Rating, Good Side Impact Rating

    And my comment contained no such nostalgia. Nothing wrong at all with that desire...but the person who made the comment easily could have done his homework and seen the crash tests of previous Wrangler models when he bought his 2018 to get a feel for the overall safety. Instead, he doubled...
  15. JL IIHS Crash Test Videos - Marginal Overall Safety Rating, Good Side Impact Rating

    Sweet Jesus....I'm surprised you ever venture out of your house...what with the risk and all. Who's the "dipshit" that purchases said vehicle, LOL.
  16. JL IIHS Crash Test Videos - Marginal Overall Safety Rating, Good Side Impact Rating

    Not sure I'd characterize the JL as having a 'high center of gravity" either though..... Compared to what? A passenger sedan? Yeah. Probably. To other SUVs or 4x4s, hardly. It's got less than 16" of clearance to the frame on 37s with stock height less than 14" on a stock...
  17. JL IIHS Crash Test Videos - Marginal Overall Safety Rating, Good Side Impact Rating

    Nevermind the haters. I'd bet the majority have never been in a rollover or seen the aftermath of factory Jeep "sports bars" equipped Jeep that rolled....they offer pretty decent protection in spite of the fact that they are body mounted. In fact, one of the reasons we went JL over JK on the...
  18. AZ newbie - COVID camping help

    Roger that....Sycamore and 4 Peaks are a mess. Largely b/c people don't pick up their shit.
  19. AZ newbie - COVID camping help

    JFYI...if you were shooting at Bulldog, it isn't allowed. If not, disregard. Plenty of places in the valley to shoot legally on BLM land least until the 5 new ranges become functional; then BLM may close all lands to shooting except on the approved 5 ranges scattered around the...