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  1. Can we see some pics of Mopar 2" lift on a 2 door JL?

    I got rid of it, you are getting more flex than stock, so keep it less restricted and remove it. Best way i found to remove it, leave it bolted to the control arm and use vise grips to grap the inside lip and slowly bend up and back untill you free the line, go slow and be gentle
  2. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Damn clean build, how are those falcon 2.1s?
  3. SpookyXJ's Jeep Fever 2 Door JL Build

    And thoughts on the falcons now? Looking at them over my 5100s
  4. Question about drag link and tie rod

    Curious why you did drag link over tie rod? Im waiting for my synergy tie rod to come but im leaving my stock drag link. Drag link is up out of the way. I destroyed my stabilizer and have more scratches on the stock tie rod then I want. There for tie rod is more important to me
  5. Rubicon leathers in a sport.

    Yes i have a sport now. Someone is selling just the black leather from a rubicon Do i need the molle panels to make there leather fit on my sport or is there a back to it similar to the sport seat cover
  6. Rubicon leathers in a sport.

    You did a full seat swap? Would it be possible to the leather rubicon covers and put it over stock sport seats?
  7. Rubicon leathers in a sport.

    Damn that looks good, this is on my list
  8. Experience with Falcon 3.3 shocks on 2.5 RK lift

    another question for you. Im looking at the 2.1 for my jeep. Getting rid of the aev 5100s as I’ve swapped springs to the mopar 2” (liner spring and soft) what do you think. I know the shock is “firmer” but with my soft springs.. thoughts?
  9. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    Of course! Thats why we buy them right? I have more dents and scratches then i care to admit on a 1 year old new jeep.
  10. Cryptid.jlu build

    how did you like those falcon 2.1s when you had them? With rock krawler springs?
  11. Cryptid.jlu build

  12. Torq Locker/ Ausie Locker

    thanks for the info, the torq is appealing from price point. But I live in canada and deal with snow I like your plan. I’m on the same track as you. but waiting for OX locker to come out with a rear locker for the 44 first. Then ill go to 37s and when the front axle breaks go to a UD44
  13. Torq Locker/ Ausie Locker

    so will you put one in your JL?
  14. Torq Locker/ Ausie Locker

    why did you get rid of/selling the whole front axle?
  15. The 2Dr Sport Only Thread

    Finally got out on the trails for a day
  16. The 2Dr Sport Only Thread

    when I grow up, i hope my jeep looks like this
  17. Sport Axle Swap

    thank you lets hope someone other than ARB comes out with something for our sport rears soon. Like I said, OX locker is but will it fit the 220 In the rubi/gladiator or the 220 in the sport/sahara
  18. Sport Axle Swap

    oh your right, so both m220/44 run 32 spline axles. Rubicon are just longer shafts obviously. I think i read on here you cant but i wont how hard or if it would be worth it to buy the carrier/locker section out of a rubi to install in a sport
  19. Sport Axle Swap

    Only rear locker I have found for the sport 44 is ARB, that said, i think OX locker is coming out with one, just not sure it will work on our sport 44s. 32 spline axle shafts vs rubicon 44 is 35 spline.