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  1. 2018 Rubicon Recon -Just won't start

    Any updates on your situation?
  2. Spring Thank YOU Event Starts NOW at Discount Tire Direct!

    I’m in the same situation. Waiting on your Labor Day announcement. I’m in need of (5) Black Rhino Armory wheels and (5) 37x12.5x17 BFG KO2s. Post up when you hear. Thank you
  3. Black Rhino Wheel Experiences?

    I’m ordering a set of Armory in gunmetal for my JLR after 8 months with these on my Gladiator. Just waiting for Discount Tire’s Labor Day sale. Black Rhinos on my JTR barely have a scratch and I compliments all the time.
  4. DEF Pump went out!

    I had a DEF pump die at 69k miles on our 2015 GC. Good thing I bought an extended warranty cuz it was a $3k repair. Also, if it does take 2 months to fix you can always lemon law it after 30 days.
  5. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    It’s already a Ranger, that’s the chassis the Bronco uses, so putting a new skin on it is done. FYI, rumor is the next Ram Dakota will use the JT underpinnings for that. It’s how cars/trucks get built.
  6. Wheel spacers required with Mopar lift on JL Rubicon?

    No loss. If anything it’ll get better. I’ve a 6-spd 2DR JLR and 8-SPD auto with 37s. The JLR 6-SPD has a lower crawl ratio than the auto so you’re good. The auto hasn’t let me down anywhere it’s been.
  7. Wheel spacers required with Mopar lift on JL Rubicon?

    If you’re going to 37s, and plan to use them for off-road, then you “should” think about new wheels. Spacers are not a long term solution but do work in a “penny” pinch. As long as your transmission is calibrated for the larger tires, tazer or dealer calibrated, you’re good either way between...
  8. 35 inch tires on stock wheels

    Don't need a lift to run 35s. What you should spend $$$ is a new trackbar and Synergy HD steering kit. Also, if you're going to run 37s, you can go with the Mopar 2" lift that comes with everything you need. My JTR with 37s with Mopar 2", Synergy HD steering kit, Synergy TRACK BAR AND SECTOR...
  9. Wheel spacers required with Mopar lift on JL Rubicon?

    No. Not needed. What dealer, Perkins? Also, you can run 35" tires without a lift so you might just consider that instead of a lift if you're going to keep your stock wheels. Mopar lift on stock wheels and tires. No spacers.
  10. 2018 JL Clutch Question

    Keep your receipts, FCA listed a recall for this. Look like you were lucky since others have experienced total loss. See if your VIN is listed here:
  11. Gladiator and a Bent Frame. Ouch!!!

    From the article..."While it's all but impossible to tell from just two photos and no definite background info..." Fake news. Also, the other picts in the article show a Chevy Colorado with the same issue. See below, not a JT. One of the comments from the article also gives a good explanation...
  12. Gladiator and a Bent Frame. Ouch!!!

    Apparently, you didn’t read the article...
  13. Tie Rod play and noise?

    Take a look, measure, your front wheels and fender over-hang. Your track bar may have the axle off center. Also, recenter your steering wheel and measure your alignment, lots of YouTube videos on a quick and dirty garage floor alignment, sounds like something is off.
  14. Tie Rod play and noise?

    True, but when you re-use the factory fasteners, they’ve been stretched once at the factory and can loosen easily the second or third time used with beefier components. That my experience, take that for what it’s worth, hence purchasing replacement grade A nuts and bolts.
  15. Tie Rod play and noise?

    I’m running 37’s and Synergy and it is solid as a rock. Might want to check your squat and re-torque everything when she is sitting on the ground if not already done so.
  16. Tie Rod play and noise?

    No but it will quiet down your track bar and control arms which, if you’re still using the factory fasteners, that cause noise, clicks, and bumps.
  17. Tie Rod play and noise?

    I had everything re-torqued 3 times after install of my Synergy HD steering kit and track bar. It is quiet now but I ordered a new fastener (nut/bolt) kit from: