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  1. Dash Cam wiring into power rear view mirror JLU Sahara

    Don't splice into the USB and wire it to 12V, you will fry your dash cam. USB voltage is 1.5V, the adapter has a transformer to bump the voltage down to the appropriate level. There are hardwiring kits available to make this pretty easy. If you have the aux switches, you can use the constant or...
  2. Battery Problems - JLR reliable off road?

    WHAT!? 113 F in Canada? I had no idea it got that hot up there. I feel sorry for your Jeep, I would've wilted in that.
  3. Battery Problems - JLR reliable off road?

    In Toronto? It was over 100 F for several days in Virginia recently (also very humid as usual) and my JLUR had no issues. It may be something else.
  4. Rigid Flush Mount Ignite Lights in rear bumper

    It looks like these are plastic bumpers. I installed some in my steel bumper a while back. highly recommend it.
  5. Sunrider position pointless?

    I've done it ALOT, up to 80 mph, zero issues with the windows
  6. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    It's not compatible with both tops. Soft top issues: The tie down rails are too lung which makes the top sit higher than necessary blocking vision etc. The wing skins keep the top from going down all the way and locking The tailskin hits the soft top mechanism and keeps the back section from...
  7. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    I could do that, but I bought this when it was advertised as fully compatible with both tops. Diabolical needs to supply me with all the correct parts to make this work. I'm still waiting on my notched tailskin.
  8. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    Thanks, I did as @Rigby said and created an account. It linked my order and I'm all set.
  9. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    I didn't create an account when I ordered. How do I get the free shorter tie down rails?
  10. H.E.R.O. Hood - TOTL Innovations

    This duct seems to be routed to put the air directly to the air inlet
  11. Highest Mileage Problem-Free JL?

    17000, 18 JLUR, 6 speed. Hasn't been to the dealer for an issue except a slight driveline vibration, that they said is normal. I just took it out of precaution. I do have an issue where Apple CarPlay thinks I'm 500 miles away from where I am, but haven't been to the dealer for that, supposed...
  12. JLU - Diabolical Slipstream vs Tonneau cover?

    Resurrecting this thread to point out another apparent issue with the Diabolical Slipstream and the JLU soft top. My soft top will not lock in the fully open position now. The locks don't engage at all. It's not a big deal for me since I'm soft top only and I can just use the Velcro straps to...
  13. New Bikini Rubicon!

    I couldn't help but notice this too.... Nice Jeep tho!
  14. Connecticut Borla S-Type Climber exhaust

    interested if you'll ship to 23860 for $375 total
  15. Mishimoto R&D: 3.6L Wrangler JL Catch Can

    Installed this afternoon. Install time of 30 minutes was about right. The idea of the drain line and valve will make this even easier to use. Every single part needed is included, down to the nut to use on the body stud for securing the drain hose. Impressed by the quality, I’ll try to remember...
  16. Mishimoto R&D: 3.6L Wrangler JL Catch Can

    Kinda sucks that the guys that paid almost 2 months ago are waiting longer than the guy that ordered 3 days ago and paid the same price.
  17. For those with the manual transmission

    I thought the same thing before I bought/drove mine. It does not like to leave in 2nd. It'll do it, but you've got to give it pretty high revs and then let the clutch slip like crazy. Even then, you're going to be leaving really slowly. I tried it a few times but I don't ever do it now.