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  1. Recommendations: Winch Plate + Winch for Stock Steel Bumper?

    I recently installed the Warn plate and the Warn Zeon 10S on my Rubi factory bumper. I love the heavy duty plate and how solidly it attaches (should attach) in multiple places, but honestly I would NOT do it again. I would find a combination of winch and plate that is easier to properly install...
  2. Stubby bumper No winch

    You can probably get a good deal on a take-off stock steel bumper and just remove the end caps (then replace the bolts). The only real winch provision is a steel filler-plate over the section where the control pack of a winch would stick up, and a a handful of bolts holding it in place. Besides...
  3. how can I flip the rearview mirror?

    I went through the same thing last night. Another way to get the mirror back on the socket is to pry open the mount housing, disconnect the wiring plug, and put the mirror face down on a clean, flat surface. Then you can easily apply enough force on the ball to pop it back in. Another thing I...
  4. OEM tow hooks vs. D Rings

    I found out by accident that if you add a Warn bar to your factory steel bumper, it all but turns your factory tow hooks into closed recovery points. They bear up to within 1/4" or less of the tip of both hooks. I have the mid-height but I think they would all come just as close. Not the same...
  5. Warn accessory wireless controller (not the Platinum) - mount?

    For those of you who use a warn wireless winch controller for a non-Platinum model winch, it comes with a little holster and a mounting bracket. Has anyone mounted it in the Jeep? And where did you mount it? Just curious.
  6. Dislike the JL 6 speed Shifter and Transmission

    I know what Tom means. For some reason, I really enjoyed the chunky, clunky, vibrating, long travel shifter and the truck-like clutches of my previous manual Wranglers, but my new one is great too, in its own way. Soooo much smoother for routine commuting and mindless cruising. But it doesn’t...
  7. Winch hookup question - no fuse/breaker?

    That’s the kind of thing I’m concerned about. I haven’t found any fuse/fuse holders in that range that I want to install but I found quite a few manual disconnect switches that might do the trick. Not as fast as a breaker or fuse if something happens while using the winch, but will keep the...
  8. Warn hyperlink and sidewinder

    Do you leave those Hyperlinks on all the time? And where do you park regularly? J/K. Lol
  9. In praise (or not) of ESS? **NO POLITICS**

    Oh, I know - but thanks. As I stated, I don’t really mind it in my manual JL. If I could easily turn it off permanently, I would. The owner of a product should be able to disable or enable any non-safety related feature they choose.
  10. Winch hookup question - no fuse/breaker?

    Thanks for the replies. This winch came with some fairly nice flexible conduit for the main power lead but maybe I’ll use one of the Aux switches for a heavy duty relay and mount it on or near the battery.
  11. In praise (or not) of ESS? **NO POLITICS**

    I don't mind it on my JL, which is a manual. I hardly notice it because it takes me a second or so between releasing the brake pedal and engaging the clutch. I'm getting old and slow. However I can tell you in full honesty that the same feature on a couple of my past auto transmission vehicles...
  12. Winch hookup question - no fuse/breaker?

    Hi. New guy here. I bought a winch as my first significant addition to the new JLR. It isn't my first winch, and I seem to recall past winches coming with some kind of fuse or fusible link assembly to go on the battery terminal, then the winch power cable got connected to it, vice directly to...