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  1. North Carolina 2018 JLR Punk'n

    Selling my 2018 JLR to get a Gladiator. Asking $36,000. Located in Huntersville, NC. 2018 JLR Punk'n Cold Weather Group LED Lighting Group Infotainment Group (Alpine w/ 8.4" screen) Automatic Transmission Proximity Keyless Entry Premium Sunrider Soft Top All weather mats Mopar grab handles...
  2. About to pull the trigger on a Rubicon, any reasons why I shouldn't?

    I had a Sport S, then had buyers remorse and got a 2 door Rubicon. I wouldn't say that you are sacrificing much on-street ride quality. That, or if there is much of a difference you quickly get used to it.
  3. Instrument cluster kph

    Try posting here: They seem to be really good at finding part numbers for people. Although I know in mine I can hit the center OK button on the steering wheel and it will switch to KPH. Not sure if there is anything...
  4. Steering Issue at 1300 Miles - Failed Track Bar Mount

    +1 for this. I didn’t have them on my sport but made sure to add it to my Rubi. I missed it way more than I expected.
  5. The new soft top.....what were they thinking?

    I have had mine for a little over a month. No water has gotten in to it. I washed it with a hose but not a power washer yet and nothing got inside.
  6. How fast can you get the soft top down in your JL??

    I don’t think it was an option for the 2 door.
  7. Smashed my soft top into garage

    I saw somewhere else on here where someone did something similar so you aren't the only one. I was extremely nervous the first time I pulled into the garage in the sunrider position but cleared everything by about 4-6 inches. Then when driving through my work garage had the same nervousness.
  8. Frustrating Delays - Rail Delivery

    I could be wrong, but I noticed for mine when it was on the railcar it went north into Michigan and back to Ohio for a few days before making its way to NC and it only took 2-3 days to get from OH to NC. It is possible that the railcar is being moved around or the train is picking up more cars...
  9. Let talk 2 door JL

    I would agree that my JLU sport with a hard top sounded louder when on the highway then my JL Rubicon with the premium soft top.
  10. Let talk 2 door JL

    I saw you posted in the Tri-City thread, did you get one ordered from there?
  11. Let talk 2 door JL

    Yup I went with a 2 door Punk'n.
  12. Let talk 2 door JL

    In the time I originally posted this and now I actually traded my 4 door in for a 2 door, and I can say that it doesn't feel like a cheap sports car at all. I actually like the size and feel of it better than the 4 door. But the great thing is they make both depending on what people want...
  13. North Carolina Roll Call

    Awesome, another 2 door JL in the area!
  14. North Carolina Roll Call

    Cornelius NC over here. (Its actually Punk'n even though my phone likes to think it is red.)
  15. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    You'll be amazed how fast you can write your name when you are that close to getting it!
  16. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Where is the rest of it?
  17. Rubi fenders on Sport

    Not my pictures. But found this on the FB group.
  18. Factory LED Package DRL/Turn Signals- AWOL Part Numbers - Fighting with Dealership

    No you do not need the resistors. After setting the turn signals to LED it took 2-3 starts for the light out warning to go away but then it stayed off.
  19. Off Road Pages has arrived via OTA software update!

    How does one go about getting the vehicle health reports?