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  1. JL 33” tires small lift - Pictures Please!

    3.5” JKS lift - probably more than you’re looking for, with 33s.
  2. what about MPG

  3. Finally a new Jeep owner!

    HUGE congratulations, Max! Now admit it - you didn’t sleep a wink last night. You kept getting up and looking at your new Jeep from every conceivable angle! ;)
  4. TRD 4Runner driver was checking out my Jeep today...

    I have to admit - 4skinners got me laughing! I will endeavor to be less sensitive.
  5. TRD 4Runner driver was checking out my Jeep today...

    I’ve got a lot of respect for Toyota vehicles; I traded in my FJ for my Jeep. I loved that FJ. I love my Jeep more. I would have kept them both if I could have. Sorry, but the “turd” “humor” reminds me of Beavis and Butthead - not very sophisticated. We need to respect other people’s rigs...
  6. Dragging logs (off road) with Rubicon

    I recently pulled a 14” diameter cedar tree out of the ground with my winch, then hooked up a tow strap to my rear tow point and dragged it into the back pasture. I could not tell from the driver seat that I was dragging anything. Low 4, long strap. The longer the strap, the less likely it...
  7. cooling with after market grill

    Sorry Mike, I had to pile on! It’s all in good fun though, brother!
  8. cooling with after market grill

    Clearly you feel the need to trigger people, which means your grill MUST be racist! Snowflakes who see that will melt even in freezing temperatures. With that said, it’s YOUR Jeep! If you want to make it uglier than a sack of assholes, who are we to judge? ;)
  9. Any recommend STAT Mods for a newbie?

    A stubby antenna for about $20, to replace the huge steel antenna that will smack your Jeep if it hits a tree branch overhead, or flails your paint job in a car wash.
  10. 2.5 inch lift advice

    My mechanic, who I trust, says that drive shafts and boots are not an issue until you have about 6” of lift on the JL. He told me just to make sure I inspect underneath after wheeling. He is heavily into wheeling and has been for years; I trust him. The control arm brackets came with the JKS...
  11. 33s vs 35s? (First lift and Larger Tire purchase)

    JKS 3.5” lift (a true 4”), on Toyo OC AT2s, 285/70-17, auto tranny 8, 2.0T. I routinely see 8th gear under ideal conditions at 60-65 MPH, after tire size flash and about ten days to let the adaptive transmission ECU adjust. I won’t hesitate to go to 35s when I wear these out, without...
  12. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    When I first bought my Sport last year, my wife said “You aren’t going to take a 40K MSRP wheeling off-road, are you!?!?” I cocked an eyebrow that said “Puh-lease, woman! You’re DAMN RIGHT I AM!” I promptly threw some rock rails on it, and first time out I dropped it into a deep hole...
  13. I went from Rubicon to Sport. AMA

    My “ah-ha!” moment for this morning! Thanks!
  14. 2.0L 4-Cyl Twin Turbo

    I don’t see where anyone mentioned it, but the stock Wrangler 2 liter turbo IS twin scroll.
  15. Naming my Wrangler

    Dung Beetle. They plow into crap and thrive on it.
  16. My friends warned me...

    Yeah....a similar evolution in my household. Five years into FJ Cruiser ownership, I started dropping “feeler hints” about trading it in on a new Jeep. We had just paid-off the FJ. My “feeler hints” were like teasing a hornet‘s nest with a stick. So, I engaged in a war of attrition. I tried...
  17. Wave Snob

    I wave at the folks on Harleys in Sarasota County when in my Jeep. They mostly wave back, and 90% or so of the other Jeep drivers wave back as well. There’s a few that stick their entire arm out of the window and wave madly like Forrest Gump waving at LT Dan. ;)
  18. 4WD Auto on Wrangler 2020 Unlimited Sport

    In a Sport, which I have, it kicks in automatically when you automatically reach for the transfer case gear lever and slide it into 4WD. ;)
  19. 2.5 inch lift advice

    Stock wheels are 17x7.5. Tires are P285/70R17 Toyo Open Country AT 2s. By the way, I know I’m a pariah for saying so, but I like the stock wheels! I did great before the lift with the Toyos, off-road. I want to get some crazy flex out of them, with this lift. I don’t anticipate going bigger...
  20. 2.5 inch lift advice

    Thanks! Front JKS control arms are fixed, with an adjustable track bar. The rear got control arm brackets to adjust the placement of the stock rear control arms. It rides perfectly! I had to make concessions due to cost, in a way that wouldn’t affect drivability on or off-road. I also have...