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  1. 1st oil change for diesel?

    "Why do it if it is free?" If I perform the oil change myself (which I do), I can be certain a high-quality oil, full synthetic is used - as well as a good oil filter. That peace of mind is worth more to me than a free oil change. Hunter
  2. Has anyone tried to put a small V8 into their Jeep?

    Go for the Diesel. It's got the torque of a V-8 with the fuel economy of a 4 cylinder engine. Mine has run flawlessly and averages 25 MPG in city/highway driving. Hunter
  3. Why a hard top headliner?

    I have the factory-installed headliner and can vouch for its effectiveness. It helps to quiet the interior as well as keeping it warmer in the Winter, cooler in the Summer. I'm also 6'4" and the Summer heat no longer bakes the top of my head. Hunter
  4. Have an EcoDiesel JL Sahara for the week...some observations.

    The Diesel in the Wrangler has impressed me. You can spot the traditional noise as soon as it starts, which quiets somewhat as the engine warms. The engine and transmission are well-paired with spot on ratios. I thought I would miss having a compression brake like my Diesel trucks do, but the...
  5. California Diesel vs...

    I experienced a financial problem when I bought a car in Utah and then moved to California. When I tried to register the vehicle in California, the license staff there demanded I pay the additional tax California required. If I had known that, I would have simply not re-registered it. Yeah...
  6. JLUR Diesel

    Hang in there, my friends. The new Diesel engine is worth waiting for. The Diesel in the Wrangler has impressed me. You can spot the traditional noise as soon as it starts, which quiets somewhat as the engine warms. The engine and transmission are well-paired with spot on ratios. I thought...
  7. We finally made it out to Sand Hollow, turns out its no joke!

    Nice job on the video, Projectoffroad. I enjoyed it. My wife and I are impressed with the 4x4 opportunities we have nearby. And, it looks like you have just enough headroom in that Jeep to be comfortable (I'm 6'4" and can sympathize). Thank you for the post. Hunter
  8. Pics from Winter 4x4 Jamboree in Sand Hollow, Utah.

    An excellent thread with great pics. Nice work, my friends. Hunter
  9. Winter gear for your Jeep

    That is a wise decision. I also have a Trail Bag I keep in my Jeep that's used for when I'm off-roading. And, it's best to have it handy during our snowy Winters as well. I often travel the Pony Express Trail and I've needed the tools/straps kept in the bag when I've encountered someone stuck...
  10. New JL Owner

    It's worthwhile to check out E-Bay for Jeep Wrangler wheel and tire packages too. That's where I bought my Winter set of wheels/tires at a reasonable price with good service. Hunter
  11. Never thought I’d be a snorkel guy

    I am impressed with this product and the members who think it's of high quality. I agree and will be looking at acquiring one myself. Hunter
  12. Does extra weight of diesel cause concern for rolling?

    I think the trend we're seeing in this thread is accurate, the Diesel engine does not increase the odds of rolling the Jeep. We've got several of those "clover leaf" circular freeway onramps. I've tried charging through them with the new JLU Sahara and the handling has impressed me. This is...
  13. JL Wrangler Diesel Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    I'm looking forward to this rolling out as members join in. Thank you for the access. And, thank you for putting in the work on this. Hunter
  14. Wonderful downhill shifting behavior with 8 speed auto

    I have the Diesel 8-speed "Dodge Truck" transmission and I am surprised how well it shifts. I was sure I'd miss my old truck's exhaust brake, but I don't. For, if I take my foot off the throttle pedal when coasting downhill, the Jeep will downshift moderately on its own. Or, I can put the...
  15. Has anyone been successful exchanging hard top for soft top, or wheels at the dealership?

    I struck out at the dealer in looking for take-off wheels/tires. But, found the takes-offs I wanted at reasonable prices on E-Bay. Hunter
  16. Has your dealer or Jeep Corporate follow up after taking delivery?

    The sales manager called me at home because I rated the Jeep dealership low. Other than that, there's been no communication. Hunter
  17. Falling trade in values?

    Yeah, you're probably right, viper88. I had waited 10 weeks for this Jeep and it was fully optioned at $58,000 MSRP. The trade-in that was worth $90,000 was down $10,000. My wife and I talked and, frankly, we felt stuck. This new Jeep really is special and we plan to have it for many years...
  18. 3.0D What’s your hand calculated DIESEL mileage?

    My Diesel Sahara has averaged 26 MPG for the first 2 tanks in 50/50 city/hywy driving. And, it's probably going to be one of my favorite Jeeps.
  19. What dollar amount or % did u get under MSRP/invoice?

    The depreciating market hit me hard. At Ken Garff West Valley, Utah, buying my new Diesel Sahara was a horrible experience. A sales mgr said they needed to hold me responsible for my trade-in losing value after sitting at the dealership for 10 weeks. So, I only got $1,500 off MSRP. I told...
  20. Falling trade in values?

    My local Jeep dealer, Ken Garff in West Valley, Utah, held my new Sahara hostage because my trade in had since tanked in value. The sales Mgr said, "I don't need to discount your Jeep because it's the only Diesel we've received and people want it." I told him I would rate them poorly. He did...