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  1. 2021 Adds Two Additional USB Ports?

    I am guessing on the back of the armrest for the back seaters...
  2. Soft top only folks- any regrets?

    I added the hardtop after delivery. We had to install the tabs and have the wiring kit done. I run it in the winter. The soft top is great but the hard top is warmer and more quiet.
  3. Latest JLU issues

    I am providing a valuable service by letting you guys read this again. BMW CPO is awesome too. Saved my can a couple times.
  4. Installing a Smittybilt Universal Secure Lock Box

    I go 17 to 64 in Winchester. Then you're in The People's Republic of Maryland for only 12 miles as you pass thru to PA.
  5. Used Wrangler Unlimited Thoughts

    Do not go older than 2012. The motor is horrible.
  6. What I replaced my JL with...

    I meant over the Z. Mine was bulletproof. But, yeah a lot of them got bought back. Way too many had big issues. I agree with you there for sure.
  7. What I replaced my JL with...

    Annnnnd... I can’t stop contemplating the new vette. I am going to wait for a hi-po model to be released before I jump though.
  8. What I replaced my JL with...

    Nice ride! I had a 16 Z06. GS is only an upgrade if you think it is which is fine. The Z was amazing too.
  9. any trade-ins yet

    I traded an 18 a while back. I was not displeased with what I got but it was long enough ago to make the actual $ irrelevant. My guy gives me high KBB trade on my stuff usually. This was no different.
  10. Finally Gave Up

    Good for you champ.
  11. Anyone Else Having This Issue (Driving It Too Much)

    I leased with 15k a year. Sitting at 6k after 2 months. I wont do this again. haha I went out and bought a little getting around car a few weeks ago for work and whatnot to keep the miles off of the JL until winter.
  12. Why Am I "Killing Myself" Then?

    Soft top folded
  13. Hard top...Drive with back window open?

    I do it. You get some exhaust in the cabin occasionally at low speeds. Haven't broken anything though.
  14. WTB Black 4 door hardtop.

    PM sent
  15. WTB Black 4 door hardtop.

    Thanks. Put it on and I will come get your hardtop...
  16. WTB Black 4 door hardtop.

    bought one locally 1700.
  17. 2.0 Turbo average MPGs

    Averaging 20 on my first tank. Run about 75 on the interstate and have to do some city driving. I am very impressed.
  18. Integrity of the Jeep name

    Lighten up Francis.
  19. New Jersey WTS: 2018 JLU Factory Hardtop WITH mopar headliner

    Is it painted or standard black?