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  1. PSC hydraulic assist upgrade

    I am using a custom reinforced steer smart style Bracket that mounts to track bar mount and perimeter welded on. A steer smart drag link/tie rod and a psc tie rod mount. The setup seems a half inch too long.. meaning if I tighten The tie rod clamp compressed, it has extra travel to go to the...
  2. PSC hydraulic assist upgrade

    with the summer we had I quit adding fluid to mine if I can see fluid in the reservoir.
  3. PSC hydraulic assist upgrade

    mine has some interference on the passenger side.
  4. Ham Radio Install w/ Pics

    I am not ambitious enough to mod to cb frequencies.
  5. Tailgate table light

    i wired it back to the cigarette lighter before I saw the reply. If you have a volt meter you can check it before you splice in. Another option is the done light, but seemed like a long way to me.
  6. Static issue with Baofeng bf-f8hp handheld radio

    Not your question but I have the sensors and have the squelch issue. Did you try it with sensors turned off I will try it soon now that someone mentioned it.
  7. Service Electronic Throttle Control?

    usually turn off and on makes it work ok for a while.
  8. Ham Radio Install w/ Pics

    with Yaesu, if i remember, you just remove a jumper to unlock all the USA restrictions.
  9. Ham Radio Install w/ Pics

    i am at least licensed, but am not overly concerned about very rare usage (only if someone shows up without ham) using GRMS/FRS with reasonable power settings.. I have a Yaesu, which is Japanese. Who knows I may have modified it.
  10. Ham Radio Install w/ Pics

    This maybe a stupid question, but why not just program GRMS frequencies into your ham radio and low the default power to legal limits for GRMS? As opposed to two antennas. I didn’t read all the posts I assumed the 2nd was for CB or something else.
  11. American Adventure Labs Rear Cargo Platform

    i thought about modding the back seat as well but got a little concerned about safety..
  12. American Adventure Labs Rear Cargo Platform

    I used washers under the rear seat brackets to tilt it up a little.
  13. American Adventure Labs Rear Cargo Platform

    it would be a real pain for me closing the tailgate table every time I need a barely pop.. ;)
  14. American Adventure Labs Rear Cargo Platform

    They the only issue I can think of running it on the passenger side is if you use a tailgate table. Otherwise it’s fine I would think.
  15. American Adventure Labs Rear Cargo Platform

    mine took some “adjustments” And it barely fits. Need to pull fridge to fold seats safely. I had to shim under rear seat brackets to get the room. I thought about pulling the seat cover off and using a heat gun to mold a slit for the fridge. For me it’s too tight to say 100%. You should...
  16. Experience with 39” BFGoodrich KM3’s Mud Terrain Tires

    That looks awesome.. who’s lift?
  17. RCV Front and Rear axle install

    This is weird. Wonder what the root cause is, as the JK’s rah a lot of castor as well.
  18. RCV Front and Rear axle install

    I used a heat gun and zip tie trick. There is no way I was strong to slam the boots on there. That was the hardest part for me.
  19. RCV Front and Rear axle install

    the drive shaft Rotates with 1 piece and does not with 2 piece. That’s the difference. If the castor puts the drive shaft at a wonky angle or if the drive shaft is out of balance it is theoretically possible.
  20. American Adventure Labs Rear Cargo Platform

    Off topic but do you get in Interference with you uv5r inside your jl? I do and so did someone else’s with my radio.