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  1. Dreaming of wider black MOAB Wheels with better offset!

    You could have the wheels widened at a shop like this one:
  2. Mopar JL Wiper Blade Revision

    Yeah, every manufacturer will have their own design. This is OEM Mopar though, so I didn't expect to see a change. Not really a big deal, but it does look a little less finished to me without the cover. The OEM wipers worked well for me so that's why I went with them, but for my next set I may...
  3. Mopar JL Wiper Blade Revision

    There's no cover anymore as far as I could tell. If you want the wipers with the cover, you could probably still get some new old stock 68383600AA rather than the AB revision.
  4. Mopar JL Wiper Blade Revision

    Super exciting I know, but I just installed some fresh wipers on my JL and it looks like Jeep simplified the design a bit. My original ones (2018) have a little cosmetic cover that snaps in on top of the attachment point, and on the new ones, this area is smaller and doesn't have a cover. Part...
  5. JLUR Snow Tire Question

    Skip the studs! They aren't necessary with modern snow tire compounds and the small advantage that you get on ice with them is not worth tearing up the roads for.
  6. Dealership replaced steering box with the old part under 08-074-20

    Good question, I’m not sure. I’ve been taking mine to Autonation in Bellevue due to location. They’re OK enough, but have their own issues and I wouldn’t say that I’m thrilled with them. For the steering box TSB they are claiming that they can only order 1 steering box every 2 weeks. CJDR...
  7. Dealership replaced steering box with the old part under 08-074-20

    Rairdon’s Jeep of Kirkland are idiots; I’m not surprised that this happened to you. Smart to get JeepCares involved with them otherwise I guarantee that they wouldn’t do anything for you. I blacklisted them almost 2 years ago at this point due to their service department.
  8. North Carolina WTB or Trade for Rubicon or Moab hood

    Take a look at Carvana’s offer if you haven’t already. They’re overpaying for everything currently thanks to their VC bucks.
  9. TrailRecon spotted last Saturday outside of Silverton, CO

    Surprised to see this sort of reaction to TrailRecon. Brad talks a lot, sure, but he thoroughly reviews a ton of gear (which he does use) so that makes sense. I don't get the feeling that he talks just to talk; I get good info from his channel. You don't have to buy the gear he uses but if you...
  10. Washington JLU Sahara side steps $140 OBO

    Still available!
  11. Customer service?

    Anyone able to get a response out of Bestop? I’ve sent them my original email on 8/16 and 3 additional ones since then and I’ve yet to hear a peep from them. Experiencing a pretty annoying rattling/banging noise at freeway speeds with my Sunrider top. All bolts that I can see are tight.
  12. Washington JLU Sahara side steps $140 OBO

    I'm selling the factory OEM side steps off of my Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited Sahara. They're in great shape, no damage or rust (brown is just some dirt in the crevices, they're plastic), and are a perfect upgrade for a Sport, Moab or Rubicon if you want a step and to keep rocks from chipping your...
  13. Have your 2.0T? Post your pictures and impressions

    Nice to see this thread still going. Mine has undergone a number of changes and been off pavement many times since I got it. Since the dealer swapped my stock Sahara wheels with Bridgestone ATs before I drove it, I can’t say anything about that setup, but the KO2s have been excellent. I’m...
  14. 4H auto... on a Rubicon

    Is there a 4H auto on screen in the instrument cluster?
  15. US vs. Italy 2.0T Engine

    No difference.
  16. Will the front grill of the Gladiator fit the Wrangler front end?

    That depends on what your Sahara grill came with. Did it come with the headlight and grill trim rings (the parts painted silver from the factory)? You will need those parts as well as what people posted above for the gladiator-specific grill mesh to make it work. The mesh sections and the trim...
  17. Will the front grill of the Gladiator fit the Wrangler front end?

    Sport and Rubicon/Sahara have different grills and the inserts are not interchangeable. The JT does have headlight trim, but only on the Overland/Rubicon trims.
  18. Bestop Rebate FAIL!

    Mine is still not showing up on their website and I submitted it over a month ago at this point for the April rebate.