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  1. If you thought things were bad already...

    Like I would step foot into a Jeep dealership ever again after my experience regarding TSBs and so on. I'll buy aftermarket from Napa auto parts before giving any money to a Jeep dealership. IMO, Stallentis is getting what they've got coming to them for not reigning in the dealership madness.
  2. Black Bear Pass In The News...

    They aren't ass clowns. They are elitists who don't think the rules apply to them.
  3. Spiders

    Oh lord! At least mine is billet silver. Most of the bees, in my case, come from either the bushes that are over-gowing into the local trails, or when riding between the many local cow pastures, the wind blows them across the road and into the jeep.
  4. Spiders

    For me lately its been bees. Been stung twice while driving, and have had to remove three more in the last month.
  5. Grammatical Errors in Uconnect? Seriously?

    Forget the apostrophes. I'm still waiting for JEEP to tell me why they think this is a problem...
  6. Jeep Looks to Veer Out of Sales Ditch (WSJ article)

    Jeep has definitely lost sight of its roots.
  7. Surging (sort of) feeling after lift install.

    My 35" patagonias were super smooth for 40k miles. I sure hope it's just a balance issue on the 37"s pats. I am really liking the setup so far -- other than the odd feeling.
  8. Awful service experience

    That's a really good idea. I also do most of my own work.
  9. Surging (sort of) feeling after lift install.

    I got an alignment after, but honestly, even though several shops recommended this particular alignment place, I really didn't get the feeling they did much. They literally called me 30-60 minutes after I dropped it off and said they were done. Then charged me $350. So there's another thing I'm...
  10. Surging (sort of) feeling after lift install.

    I did. There a a TON of weights on the wheels. I may just have to pay a different shop to do it again. I am going to try rotating the tire rear -> front and see if the problem moves. I just have to give my back a rest after moving out of my rental.
  11. Surging (sort of) feeling after lift install.

    Oh, that's a great idea! Unfortunately I gave them to a young guy who was rebuilding his JK after he got t-boned.
  12. Surging (sort of) feeling after lift install.

    I installed a 2.5 inch lift on my 2 door rubicon. And at the same time did new wheels, 37" tires and a regear. But I am now chasing a slight surging feeling. It actually feels more like the rear of the jeep is going up and down. It starts at about 35mph and ends somewhere near 50mph. Then I get...
  13. Awful service experience

    First, what's a threaded cap mount? Second, Jeep dealers are scum. Plain and simple. Just search this forum and see there are probably hundreds of thread on this site for this exact reason. Jeep needs to get their shit together. Worst, they have the placating @JeepCares on this site say "sorry...
  14. 2 door subwoofer wire locations?

    Yea, but its going to have to wait until the weekend. I have a storage box in place of the rear seat that I have to remove before accessing the sub.
  15. A word of warning regarding Mopar warranty

    Ooops. Thanks for pointing that out. It's getting harder to find the 5 qt gas truck formula. I just find the JL so easy to change the oil on that's why I always scratch my head when people pay for a shop/dealer to do it. Just need a step stool to get to the filter. No need for a jack or ramps...