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  1. California 4xe Suspension

    Selling the suspension off of my 4xe Sahara. The 4xe Sahara sits at about the ICE Rubicon height, but that’s with the 4xe being about 700 lbs heavier than an ICE Sahara. So the 4xe suspension should in theory provide more of a lift to an ICE sport or Sahara than the suspension off of an ICE...
  2. California Teraflex Spacer Lift Kit 1.5”

    Selling a Teraflex 1.5” Spacer Lift Kit. This comes with a pair of 1.5” spacers and a pair of 2” spacers to correct the rake in the JL. The spacers are used, but in great shape. MSRP is $187 (plus tax and shipping), I’m asking $150 OBO. Pickup in Yorba Linda, CA.
  3. California Sold: Quadratec Round Mirrors

    Selling a pair of Quadratec Round Mirrors. Spring is right around the corner, so doors of season is on the horizon! I won’t be taking the doors off anytime soon with a newborn on the way. Mirrors are used, but in excellent condition. No scratches, no damage, comes with all hardware. MSRP is...
  4. California Smittybilt SRC Side Armor and side steps

    Selling my Smittybilt SRC Side Armor and side steps. These are used, but in excellent shape with no damage and no rust. The original plan was to use these, get a lift, bigger tires, and spend way too much money on off-roading parts…but with my baby boy being due in less than 2 weeks, things have...
  5. Looking for an easy trail in Anza Borrego

    Hey all, my wife and I are gonna be camping in Anza Borrego (Borrego Palm Canyon Campground) for thanksgiving and we’re looking for a super easy going trail. She is 7 months pregnant so we can’t do anything crazy, but still want to get out there and explore a bit. Any suggestions?
  6. California Sold: WTB rear sway bar endlinks

    I’m looking for stock rear sway bar endlinks, I ended up stripping mine. I prefer local (I’m in Yorba Linda) because I need the parts asap. Please DM me if you have any for sale.
  7. California Sold: WTB rear sway bar endlinks

    I’m looking for stock rear sway bar endlinks, I ended up stripping mine. I prefer local (I’m in Yorba Linda) because I need the parts asap. Please DM me if you have any for sale.
  8. Rubicon 4xe suspension installed on Sahara 4xe

    I’ve been thinking of swapping my stock Sahara 4xe suspension to the Rubicon 4xe suspension for a while now and finally came across a set. The original owner had a Rubicon 4xe with steel bumper, hardtop, and tow package. Here’s pics of the part numbers on the springs. Front driver 68253667AD...
  9. California WTB Rubicon 4xe suspension

    I’m looking for stock rubicon 4xe suspension. Shoot me a PM if you have a set for sale. Only looking for local pickup, I’m in OC in SoCal
  10. Shock extension question

    If I’m doing the Tera flex 1.5” spacer lift, would a 2.5” shock extension cause any problems? The only thing I could think of is maybe the spring could unseat before the shock was fully extended (not sure if this is even a possibility), but maybe I’m not understanding/thinking of this correctly...
  11. Email from JeepWave for LA Auto Show

    Anyone else get that email from JeepWave for complimentary tickets to the LA auto show? Is it legitimate or a scam email? It’s asking for the last 8 digits of the VIN
  12. California Sold: **PRICE DROP** Rubicon wheels and tires

    Selling a set of five rubicon wheels and tires. Tires are Falken Wildpeak M/T 285/70/17 (stock 33” size). Four of the tires have 15,000 miles on them (mostly highway from road trips), the spare is brand new with zero miles. $800 OBO takes it. Located in Yorba Linda, CA
  13. Door Hinge Steps question

    Is Metalcloak the only manufacturer who makes a two piece bracket for their door hinge step? I love the idea of not having to completely unbolt the door from both brackets at the same time to install door hinge steps, but their product is pretty pricey compared to their competitors…like double...
  14. 4xe custom rear trunk mat

    The first purchase I make for any new car I own is all weather floor mats and trunk mat. I go camping and hiking frequently so having rubber mats is a must for me. After months of having stuff slide around in my trunk and constant vacuuming, I finally got tired of waiting for a company to come...
  15. 4xe Sahara suspension on non-4xe

    Anyone have interest in changing their suspension to the 4xe Sahara suspension? I believe this should be 1” taller than a standard wrangler from what others have said on the forums. I’m considering upgrading and wanted to see if I could find a buyer for my stock setup as this would likely...
  16. How to manually initiate software update?

    I’ve seen posts fairly recently about people getting promoted to download an update for their infotainment unit, but I haven’t gotten the prompt. Is there a way to manually initiate the download? Or is there a place I can check to find the current version downloaded to see if it’s the most...
  17. Trail camping recommendations in NorCal

    I’m headed on a two week road trip from 7/4-7/18. We are starting in SoCal and going up through Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Redwoods national parks. The fourth stop was supposed to be Lassen volcanic national park, but our campsite reservations got cancelled at the last minute due to newly...
  18. Carpet above wheel well uneven

    After briefly folding down our rear seats, my wife discovered some uneven carpet in our new 4xe above the rear passenger side wheel well. It looks and feels like it was bunched up. This may be due to incorrect installation and also appears to be cut a bit smaller than it should have been. I...
  19. 4xe OEM all weather mats missing drain plugs

    I just received OEM all weather mats for my 4xe and the front mats have a cutout for the drain plug. BUT my mats didn’t come with the plugs so it’s just an exposed hole. Can someone who has these please confirm if the mats are supposed to come with the plugs?
  20. California Sold: FS: NEW set of five 20” black 4xe wheels and 32” Bridgestone Dueler tires

    Just bought a Sahara 4xe and am selling my brand new wheels and tires. They are 20” black wheels with stock 32” 275/55R20 Bridgestone Dueler all season tires. There are only 88 miles on the wheels and tires. These will include TPMS. $1000 for all five wheels and tires. I’m located in Yorba...