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  1. Alea Leather Upgrade for my ‘22 JLR….

    Great setup! Did you install the wheel yourself? If so, how did you swap out the airbag cover? Having a hard time finding airbag cover installation videos/instructions for the driver side.
  2. Massachusetts Heated Leather Steering Wheel + HVAC control

    Ready to ship. PM me for more info.
  3. Massachusetts Alien Sunshade Red

    Bump Price drop to $40
  4. Massachusetts Heated Leather Steering Wheel + HVAC control

    It’s easy. There are install videos on youtube. Im doing the swap in a few days to carbon filter wheels so these should be ready to ship soon. PM me if any questions.
  5. Massachusetts Alien Sunshade Red

    Like new red Alien sunshade. Only used for a year. $40 plus shipping.
  6. Massachusetts Sold: Heated Leather Steering Wheel + HVAC control

    Heated leather steering wheel for sale. Like new. Comes with all multifunction buttons and airbag harness. $150 Also have the stock HVAC control from my sport S if anyone is looking for a replacement. $100 shipped OBO
  7. Massachusetts JLUR Mopar Side steps

    Bump Still available. Trying to get rid of a few jeep parts sitting in my garage. Make me an offer!
  8. Massachusetts Mopar Halogen head lights and fogs

    Bump Still available. $100 shipped OBO
  9. California Yukon Nodular Iron Front Diff cover for M186(D30)

    Still available? Are you willing to ship?
  10. Washington Jeep Wrangler JL 2018+ Rokblokz XL Quick Release Mud Flaps - Front & Rear

    Are you willing to ship to Boston, Mass?
  11. Anyone else had Water/Moisture inside radio screen like this?

    How do you like this radio? Any issues so far? Is this similar to the OEM radio? Its listed as an LG brand on Ebay….
  12. Massachusetts WTB - Rubicon Dana 44 Front & Rear Axles with E-lockers

    Looking to purchase front & rear Rubicon axles. Located in Boston. Thanks
  13. Baja Designs: Plug and Play - Jeep JL Fog Pocket Kits

    @Baja Designs I have an aftermarket LOD destroyer series stubby front bumper. Will the Squadron SAE bolt right up? The Fogs from a rubicon plastic bumper bolted right up without any issues so trying to see if the SAE will plug and play or if I need a bracket? Are the SAE available in amber...
  14. Massachusetts Mopar Halogen head lights and fogs

    Bump $120 shipped.
  15. Massachusetts Mopar Halogen head lights and fogs

    Mopar Halogen head lights and fogs. $120 plus shipping and fees.
  16. Massachusetts Sold: LED Fog lights for sale

    Hello, I have a set of LED fog lights from a 2019 Wrangler rubicon for sale. Fogs were removed from the plastic bumper. $150 shipped.