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  1. Countering front end sag

    Will the Rubicon stock springs handle the extra weight?
  2. Countering front end sag

    I have a 23 2 door sport. I've added a steal bumper and winch. My front end started to sag after 6 months and the ride is stiffer. I have 33" ko2s. Can I just replace the factory coil springs with better ones? Any suggestions? I was going to just use a leveling kit, but I don't think that...
  3. Stroage solutions for 2 Door JL

    Looks great!
  4. 285/75/r17 on stock JL Sport

    Photos of her?
  5. Why Are 2-Doors Fun to Drive?

    As a bonus, I've removed the back seats, so now I don't have the option of a Jeep full of people killing my natural Jeep high.... Just the dogs.
  6. Best Tube Doors for 2dr

    . Super easy to install. I bought TJ mirrors. They fit the door perfectly. They were cheaper from Quadratec than Amazon.
  7. Best way to compare 2 doors lift / tire combos?

    I put 33" KO2s on my stock rims, and they look great. I'm sure you can put 35s on as well.
  8. Living without Carpets

    I took my carpets out of the back first. They were always getting wet, and my dogs gave them a funky smell. I just use a liner that I bought from quadratic back there. In August, we went mudding with steel tube doors on, and I couldn't get all the mud out, so I took those rugs out too. I...
  9. I have a decision to make.

    Keep you existing Jeep. It's a no brainier. You've already depreciated a 2023.... Unless you are writing these off, keep it. Besides, that new beast of an engine is too much. It's an off road vehicle, not a rocket.
  10. The OEM LED light package is dangerous in snow.

    Perhaps they outsmarted themselves...
  11. The OEM LED light package is dangerous in snow.

    I thought they you were going to say because they are too white..... I added yellow/amber lights to my bumper for snow, rain and dust.
  12. This is one of the reasons I own a Wrangler!

    Nice! What kind of tires?
  13. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread...

    Ah. Thank you
  14. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread...

    What state are you in?
  15. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread...

    I'm interested in the metal rear bumper. Is it stock?
  16. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    More room for my 2 boxers!
  17. Alpine upgraded sound system...seriously?

    Yes, both are 2 door soft tops. The system doesn't sound like my friend's Audi, but the 23 definitely has a better sound than the 19 had. Like others, I played with the equalizer until I found the mix that works for me. The back is reserved for my 2 boxers, and I removed the back seats.
  18. Alpine upgraded sound system...seriously?

    Alpine sounds fine in my 23 JL. The one disappointed for me is where the base is on a 2 door. I used that floor space for tool storage in my 2019 JL trade in.