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  1. DIY Seat relocation brackets

    I bought and installed the Misch as soon as I got my 19 unlimited sport. I am 6'4" 235. Install was kind of a pain because the new brackets and the lowest part of the B post plastic both want to be in the same place. Also, if you have all weather mats the drivers side rear will no longer fit...
  2. FS: FlashCal Jeep JL 3571 $125 shipped

    I will take it. Please pm me with paypal info. Thanks!
  3. Really disappointed

    Sorry to hear that. I know I feel sick when stuff like that happens. Stay on the dealership hard. The sooner the better. Good luck!
  4. Interesting new programmer kickstarter ECRI

    Interesting for sure. Hope he meets his goal.
  5. Gladiator sighting

    Parked next to me tonight. First one I have seen.
  6. Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion

    Really looking forward to this. Just rented a cabin and making plans. Should be a blast!
  7. Terrific Aftermarket Fob I came across

    Tried for an hour yesterday and gave up. Broke it out this morning and went together first try. No clue what I did different.
  8. Rear seat back protectors

    Yeah, thats what I was talking about. I guess mine just came with the mat. I see what you are saying now that they are connected so I cant just add them. Looks like if I want them it's $170ish for the different set. Thanks
  9. Rear seat back protectors

    Must be confused. Mine came with all weather mats as well as the cargo mat that come with the track system. Aparently they are 2 separate things.
  10. Rear seat back protectors

    I have been looking for just the all weather rear back protectors and cant seem to find them anywhere but in a set with the cargo mat. Has anyone seen them sold by themselves?
  11. Auto Start/Stop in Florida is the worst...

    You guys are arguing about weather and personal preferences. Does anybody really care what someone 1,000 miles away is doing or wants for their Jeep?
  12. Auto Start/Stop in Florida is the worst...

    Indeed. Just discontect the hood switch and you are good to go.
  13. Speaker replacement upgrade

    Did you get them in? Any tips? Getting ready to do mine this weekend.
  14. In praise (or not) of ESS? **NO POLITICS**

    Not a fan so I push the button when I remember. If I forget I get reminded at the first light. That's it.
  15. Upgrade to Premium Alpine

    Do you still have these?