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  1. North Carolina Sold: 4 Door JK Tan Twill Top for sale

    Great condition, pick up only. The premium Tan twill material has a fabric-like look that gives a truly luxurious look to any Wrangler as well as providing improved insulation and a quieter ride. $1,000 firm. Located in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Feel free to call me at 704-618-2650 Mike
  2. North Carolina Brand New Sting Grey Hardtop

    It is Sting Grey it has factory headliner, feel free to call me at 704-618-2650
  3. WTB JLU Hardtop

    Sting grey, took off on 1st day of ownership and hung in garage $2200 it also has the factory installed headliner
  4. South Carolina please delete

    Ok sorry, I have a jk tan
  5. North Carolina Sold: Brand New Sting Grey Hardtop

    I have available a Sting Grey hardtop for sale, it was removed on day one of ownership and put in garage. it also has the factory installed quiet liner. $2300 obo, pick up or you arrange delivery. Cornelius, NC near Charlotte , NC
  6. South Carolina please delete

    JL or JK?
  7. California Hard Top Wanted

    I have a sting grey one that was taken off the 1st day of ownership and kept in the garage.
  8. Virginia WTB JL 2018 - 2020 Hardtop for 4 door model

    I have a new sting grey one for sale, I has been off the jeep from day one and kept garaged
  9. Oklahoma WTB Jeep Parts preferably Granite Crystal Metallic

    I have a hardtop, taken off on day one and garaged ever since. Color is Stinggrey
  10. Recommended Dealers List

    Maybe it’s just in the Charlotte, NC area, Carvana was killing it but not CarMax is killing them.
  11. Recommended Dealers List

    In our area Car Max is offering far more than the others right now
  12. How bad is this deal?

    Let me say it! SHITTY NO DEAL
  13. Ideas mounting Blackvue dashcam on JL 2019

    I sent photos, you will see that I used heavy duty Velcro but I also used pop rivets on the upper part of the Velcro so it would not pull away in the heat.
  14. Ideas mounting Blackvue dashcam on JL 2019

    Here you go, call me with any questions 704-618-2650
  15. Ideas mounting Blackvue dashcam on JL 2019

    I put it behind the mirror, used a rivet thru the plastic to hold the heavy duty Velcro then use a second piece on the Camera. You can not see it but can still remove it if you need to. The heat has in no way bothered it. It looks professional and gives a great view.
  16. Dash cams for soft top - What should I get?

    Blackvue is what I use, it hides well in the front and the back installs at the rear light. I bought 2 and just listed one in the market place.
  17. Are Yeti coolers worth the $$?

    The grizzly is nice and you can get one with the JEEP on top embossed, less expensive yet it rates the same as yeti and it’s all made in the USA