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  1. Texas Diode Dynamics LED Clear Sidemarkers like New (amber light, clear housing)

    $60 plus shipping or local pickup in The Woodlands, Texas. Sold the Jeep and pulled before trading in.
  2. Texas 392 (non-XR) Wheels for sale $1,500

    In north Houston area, any chance of coming down lol. Yea I know everybody wants a piece of these wheels
  3. JLU Rubicon on 35s no lift

    How does it ride with the spacer lift? Debating if I need any drop brackets or replacement control arms
  4. Show your JLUR with 35s

    Did you just do the leveling kit or add control arms or shocks as well?
  5. Height Difference? Dynatrac EnduroSport 2” vs Teraflex 2” Spacer

    I was looking at doing this kit soon… how does it ride? I was hoping to leave stock components as im mainly daily commuting so would like to just throw the pucks in and call it a day.
  6. Washington Rubicon fender flares w/LEDs

    Any chance of shipping?
  7. KBD Fender Flare Kit

    I just snooped around and found a set of DV8's flares that had me a little interested.
  8. KBD Fender Flare Kit

    https://www.kbdbodykits.com/jeep-wrangler-jl-2018-2021-front-rear-4-piece-polyurethane-fender-flares-kit Thoughts on these?
  9. Fender chop kits (AAL vs Quake)

    Are you running these? Can't decide if theyre heep or not. Do you have to cut anything that prevents you from going back factory?
  10. Texas Jeep 392 Beadlock Capable Wheels/BFG K02

    The Theyre slowly rolling out… between people wanting different just a matter of time before they flood the market and hopefully come down off of the pretty steep asking prices that a lot of people are set on now
  11. Texas Jeep 392 Beadlock Capable Wheels/BFG K02

    Have a set of aftermarket DV8 886 wheels that make things a little easier on that aspect