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  1. Indiana Pro Comp Series 69 matte black rims

    Set of 5 Pro Comp Series 69 matte black rims. Brand new in box! (boxes have been opened to inspect and take pictures) These are 17x9 with 5 x 5 lug pattern with -6mm offset. They will fit JK and JL Wranglers and JT Gladiators. Also includes a set of 5 brand new TPMS sensors. The sensors are...
  2. Dealers % Below Invoice on 2022 Wranglers

    I emailed Jeremy at Ed Martin to ask if they were still doing 5% below invoice with financing, and got a response today that said that they are now doing 3%. :(
  3. Looking for test vehicles - Tune Development

    Any chance that are you pursuing tuning for the 4xe?
  4. Bypass cable not working

    Update in case anyone encounters something similar. I ordered a Vgate Icar Pro BLE from Amazon, and now it works properly. Apparently the Vgate Icar Pro BLE that I purchased on eBay (listed as new) was defective.
  5. Bypass cable not working

    Thanks for the thoughts. Just to confirm, the first pic attached shows where I disconnected and that is the security module and not the amp, correct? Also to clarify I have tried a total of 3 cables. Two were from the same Ebay seller and one was from Amazon. Is it credible that all 3 are...
  6. Bypass cable not working

    Short version: I am unable to connect to my 2021 4xe with a bypass cable. Long version: I purchased a bypass cable on eBay, and a Vgate icar pro LE on eBay. I disconnected the wires from the security module (I have repeatedly checked pictures and videos online to confirm that I have the...
  7. 4xe Full Skid Plating Options?

    I know that this is almost a month old, but any updates?
  8. Show Me Your 4xe on 37s

    I am curious about this too. From what I have seen, Tlthere are people running 37s with no lift on a 4xe. They have indicated no rubbing on road. It would definitely rub under flex though.
  9. Dealer for Best Price on 4Xe?

    I bought from Mike Clinnin at Mall of Georgia. Great price and great service. When I purchased it started at 5% below invoice, 6% if you have an affiliate membership (Access Fund for $50 or Tread Lightly for $100), and 7% if you have an affiliate and use their financing.
  10. Way to force Engine on for start up

    Opening the hood will do it. But that might make driving difficult.
  11. Door Lock Snap Cap Covers

    Just ordered a set. Thanks @mvng4wd
  12. Started drive yesterday with 30 mile e range?

    I started at work at 95% and ended at home with 48%, so net use of 47%. That is about 5% than my previous tests going from work to home. I also thought to officially check elevation per GPS. It is 140 ft higher at home (much more than I expected) so my conclusion based on one data point is...
  13. Started drive yesterday with 30 mile e range?

    Part 1 of the test is complete. I started at home with 100% charge, and turned on e-save (battery charge) and max regen before leaving. Even with e-save on, the first ~1.5 miles was using only battery (presumably because it was at low speed and low throttle) and the battery was down to 92%...
  14. Started drive yesterday with 30 mile e range?

    A full charge starting at work would be an interesting test, but unfortunately I don't have access to a charger or power outlet at my work. The closest test would be to start with a full charge at home and use e-save the whole way to work. I am sort of curious to see how high the charge would be...
  15. Started drive yesterday with 30 mile e range?

    I am curious what others are seeing in linearity of battery consumption. If it is linear, and the range is 25 miles (makes math simple), then 1% of the battery is a 1/4 mile. My results so far are not very linear. I'm not sure if it's the type of drive, my driving, the weather, non-linear...
  16. Fuel and oil refresh mode ?

    If the ICE (engine) has not been operated in a while, the computer will start it to make sure that the gas doesn't degrade too much and that the engine oil gets circulated. The 4xe supplemental manual describes it.
  17. Sound Mod Needed for 4xe

  18. 4xe speedometer calibration

    This is very exciting news. I'm curious if you have any ideas about what 4xe specific features might be available. I'm guessing you won't know until you have yours in hand and can start to investigate?
  19. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    Got mine last Saturday and drove 600 miles home on Saturday and Sunday. It drove great, with no issues.
  20. EV Shifting and Pedestrian Alert

    Definitely not easy to get a pic of the connector. It might be possible with a borescope to get it right in that area. Just out of curiosity, I tried to access the connector from the wheel well. I put my right arm in the top of the vertical slot in the splash guard and was able to barely touch...