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  1. Chevy’s Answer to the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler

    Chevrolet already did away with the Corvette. They now make a rear engine (or maybe it's rear mid-mounted, I don't know since I don't pay attention to it anymore) car that they named Corvette after killing off the Corvette. And the Mustang is knocking on death's door with that stupid Mustang...
  2. The dealer-buyer "relationship" is a myth. Change my mind

    The dealer is not your friend. It's just business.
  3. Tubular Mount for Windshield Light for JL

    Bummer. That's what I just chose to buy. : ( @motorcityaftermarket
  4. JL Aux Switch Cluster

    I thought I had read (but can no longer find) that the wiring for the JL aux switch cluster is there even if the vehicle is not equipped with the switch cluster itself. Is that the case? My 2020 JL does not have it. If the wiring is there I'd like to add it. Of course, alternatively, I could...
  5. Just cause jeeps can take you anywhere….

    Is Jeep offering a Badge of Honor for this?
  6. Bent Rail Extensions

    Story does not jive. Why would you offer to pay if she hit you? Though I like character, a bent bumper is not what comes to mind when I think character. And a new straight bumper won't attach to bent rail extensions. Ironically before this situation came about I already had a big stack of...
  7. Bent Rail Extensions

    Damage is minor and only in front of the cross member. Your description does not align with my skill and appetite to DIY. Thank you. Off to the shop.....
  8. Bent Rail Extensions

    After further research and inspection it seems, even if they could be bent back, bending them doesn't make sense and that doesn't even factor in integrity of the structure. So, it looks like they're being replaced. I wonder how big of a DIY job it is.
  9. Bent Rail Extensions

    Are the Front Rail Extensions (front bumper attaches here) "consumable" (meaning thrown away if bent) or are they designed to be bent back in place? Both of mine are bent. Left...
  10. 2020 JLUR ParkSense Harness

    No, other than I simply wanted to leave the factory bumper whole.
  11. 2020 JLUR ParkSense Harness

    I'm replacing the rear bumper on my 2020 JLUR and want to buy the ParkSense harness for installation in the new bumper rather than remove it from the factory bumper. I am having difficulties finding the part number. Maybe somebody can help? All I've come up with so far is #68414894AB which...
  12. Start/Stop opinion?

    Thanks for trying to wear out my starter sooner. And thanks for making a vehicle more complicated. Permanently disabled.
  13. Now THIS is not a Wrangler

    This is the result of Covid supply chain issues affecting automobile manufacturers. That Jeep is complete other than the suspension which Jeep is waiting on. This is no different than the vehicles that have been built but are awaiting computer chips.
  14. Backed my hardtop into garage...

    Take the "profit" from insurance, sell the "meh" one, and buy a new one. Maybe I'm wrong, but my guess is you'd even have some money left over.
  15. Windshield recalibration with lift/large tires

    If every vehicle on the road had a lift kit would the problem go away? Lift 'em all!
  16. Stranded deep in Canyonlands NP, had to call Matt's Off-road Recovery (24 hour rescue)

    I can't get on board with rolling the dice like that. Recently I took a trip deep into the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness in Idaho. I had a mechanic go over my vehicle to make sure it was prepared. Money well spent to help ensure I didn't meet Matt and his crew. Don't go until...