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  1. Carvana or Vroom

    2019 Jeep two door Rubicon. Pretty much all the options. 5900 miles. This was done online: Carvana offer 36,800 Vroom offer 42,200 Why such a huge difference? The obvious choice is Vroom, but if you look online, what you read ain't too pretty. Anyone have any insights on any of...
  2. Jeep JL / JLU Half Doors Official Press Release and Photos

    maybe it's just me, but they don't look like 1/2 doors. It looks more like 7/8ths doors.
  3. Looks Like a Recon Mission Driving Through Flood

    Yeah, I guess a bronco *could* do that, but then again, it'll probably take someone who drives a wrangler to do that.
  4. Half doors false advertising -- IMO

    if I saved up 50,000 dollars to live out my dream and climb Mount Everest, I'd be pretty pissed getting up there to see that great view and then see a Jeep wrangler im the background. Soooooooo.......as you might say, sew!
  5. What is the average age of a JL Rubicon owner

    I'm pulling for ya, but you'll screw it up. Most all of us did. Here's a tip of a glass to ya though. Enjoy the fruits of your labors while you can. As the great philosopher Al Bundy said: "I'm jealous of everyone not married to you, Peg" "Life didn't pass me by. it sat on my head."
  6. TJ......an old friend came home.

    I had a Jeep TJ a few years back and I have been thinking about getting another one to go with my JL. I finally found one yesterday I liked that seemed like it was in good condition and was the right color. Anyone else have the TJ/JL combo at home?
  7. What is the average age of a JL Rubicon owner

    1). find a profession that has a high barrier of entry. Therefore, even if you suck, you can still make good money. 2). Make some good money and then take the skills you learn at that business and start your own. Real money is made by owning your own over working to give it to someone else.
  8. What is the average age of a JL Rubicon owner

    I said in an another thread that I really doubt people are lying about their incomes. Income really increases when you get into your 50's. Most everyone who claimed to make well into the six figures, I'm sure, were struggling in their 30's. Here's something interesting I recently read...
  9. TRD 4Runner driver was checking out my Jeep today...

    I HAVE a wrangler and I would have walked over there to yours with drool all over my face.
  10. Made in the USA

    I have learned so much from reading this thread. Sadly, it's both depressing and disheartening to see how much control China has over the market.
  11. Warranty Repairs

    Backup camera replaced at 2800 miles Stereo replaced at 3,000 miles Key Fob replaced at 3800 miles (how does a key fob go bad) By 122,000 miles, I should have a new jeep
  12. Blind Spot detection: is it useless or am I missing something?

    Mine works, but it doesn't work until a car is RIGHT UP TO you. Is there a way to have it trigger a little before it gets to your rear bumper?
  13. Death Wobble at Highway Speed

    mine is stock and only has 3900 miles on it and every time I go over a bridge with any type of a significant expansion joint on it, mine will start shimmying. It will stop once I slow down a bit. I had the recall done and it made no difference at all. From most things I have read, you can...
  14. JL seat comfort versus JK

    Have you ever gone to a city park or somewhere where they have those horrid picnic tables made out of concrete? If you like those, then you'll love the JL seats. I liked the TJ seats the best. They actually had some softness in them. I liked the JK series second best. The JL is okay...
  15. Steering issues - what do I look for?

    1) Buy whopping term life insurance policy. 2) Test drive new Wrangler at 70 mph 3) Glance at the speedometer 4) Look back at road and if you are looking at things that are not on a road, (trees/fences etc) then try a different wrangler 5) if you hear harp music and see that white light...
  16. Rubicon for Mostly Highway Road Trip Travel?

    I have both. Anytime I get out of the Rubi and go back into the Grand Cherokee, I feel like I'm in total bliss. My Rubi wanders around like elderly in a nursing home. Sometimes I feel like I fight with it other than driving it. Stay with the GC. You won't be sorry.
  17. Steering/Wobble/Wandering/Buyback

    Had a TJ that drove staight and pure. Had a JK where the steering always felt a little loose, but it drove straight with no wobble. 50k later and I feel like I'm driving through that big red spot that's on Jupiter. I think most people think it's a quirk or something. Wind whistling...
  18. Steering/Wobble/Wandering/Buyback

    2019 model. Mine wanders around and is lost as a hooker at a star wars convention. Sometimes when I go over an expansion joint on bridges, the wheel will shake like willow tree in an Oklahoma tornado. Does it piss me off? Sure. Do I regret buying it at this point? Of course. It's a...
  19. The uconnect system in 2020 Jeep is really really bad and disappointing

    Mine cuts the volume on the radio to about half more often than not. it doesn't auto connect every time. I also get a blue screen pretty often too. Pretty frustrating, but I'm going to take it into the dealership and hope they can fix it. My 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee radio has always...