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  1. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Went ahead and branded her as part of the 300mi break in process! 😊 Per my sister: "She's a beaut, Clark!" 🙌🤣
  2. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Thank- yoU!! She will take some getting used to after driving my TJ for 16 years.. but I could not be happier to try this mall crawler on for size! 🤣
  3. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Scooped her up today!! 😍🥰 To the rest of my "Last of the (2023) Mohicans", the wait time will quickly be a distant memory once you get behind the wheel! 😉 😎 Beside the obligatory handshake pic, I had to throw in this last one (prob my favorite of the day)! In case you cant tell my...
  4. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    It should be delivered if the JeepTracker is telling you so. It is standard for Jeep's pizza tracker to change delivery to TBD when it actually hits the dealer. CoNgaTuLaTiOnS!! 🥳
  5. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    SHE HAS ARRIVED!! 🤗 Thanks to the handy dandy jeep tracker.. i knew before my salesman! 😜
  6. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    For what it is worth...I got the same type of email from jeep the day after my tracker delivery update of 7/18. Jeep email said 7/7-7/18 estimated. Made a call out to the dealer to clarify time frame and he said his system told him 7/7 was estimated port arrival and 7/18 was an 11 day time frame...
  7. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Well that escalated quickly!! 🤸‍♀️❤🧿 Just got confirmation via jeep tracker that what ever happened with the back to back emails Sat must have been reinitiation of the shipping process. Evidently she is officially headed my way. 😍
  8. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    I have one for you! Received an email last week from a jeep brand mentor on the case Jeep created for me in early May when ESD passed... "As of right now we are working to gain additional information on your order in the hopes that we can provide you with a more detailed progress report on...
  9. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    So, i received 2 jeep tracker "update" emails this a.m. back to back. I now have 9 changes, but still sitting 88 days at shipped status. No visual changes to tracker and only indicator on the email is possibly the- build sheet/ window sticker?? Last update they were not there (both generated in...
  10. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    So many questions! I will start with this one...You bypassed the shipping delayed (due to possible storm damage) and still ended up with a hail damaged jeep?
  11. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    I am hoping for some positive movement either way too! However the cards fall, I will be sure to send you a pic direct! 😊
  12. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    You guys are cracking me up! I think mine is holding true to "Reverie" .. just a fanciful musing! 🙇‍♀️ Might have more meaning as her name at this point than my thought process of a username when I created my acct! 😂
  13. 2023 Orders - Check in here

  14. My 2024 Jeep Wrangler is built!

    I'm in that boat too except my jeep wasnt shipped until 3/27 (why if there was already issues with shipments 3/20) and IS on the "list" of damaged VINS. Sooooo, there is a list.. and Im sure not being on it actually bodes well for you! Definitely better than being on it! 😔
  15. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Are you saying Ottawa Canada OR Ottawa Ohio? 🤔 I only ask because my salesman at one time told me some reference to Canada in transport talks...turned out to be Ottawa OH. There is an Ottawa Ohio close to the Toledo factory. Blew his mind, he said he always wondered why a percentage of the US...
  16. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    I actually ordered in-state, but YES...had they let me know within the first 2-3 weeks even I would have had a choice to at least order another 2023! I definitely feel like a 2 month out update has lowered my move forward options (not interested in the 2024 and lost quite a bit of 2023 model...
  17. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    At this point and in this moment I am just glad to have some confirmation on what is actually happening. 🤷‍♀️
  18. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Congrats on that! Not sure yet what route I will take. I had a hard time finding a V6 high altitude without the sky one touch when i was shopping, which is what lead to the custom order to begin with. Add the negotiated below MSRP price and I am hard pressed to stick with it. The wait is not...
  19. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Nada. I do think if it was salvage scenario and a new order was needed that we should already know that. As of now dealer said it is in line for repairs but they have no details on the extent of the damage.