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  1. What did you buy from Northridge 4x4 today?

    I ordered the Grimm off-road grade 8 hardware upgrade kit, and Grimm stainless steel braided brake lines front and rear😁👍
  2. Control arm measurements for lifts

    I ordered the same lift and emailed metalcloak, but if u don't want to shorten your wheelbase a guy with YouTube channel frost bite jl installed the same lift, he kept his UCA stock, and the LCA were 24 5/8. Also if u need front track bar 34.5, rear track bar 37 3/4. Lite Brite did a video...
  3. Is the 4xe a ‘disposable car’?

    That also is not factoring in the way the batteries are charged. Full BEV degrade their batteries when using level 3 charging. Tesla actually warranties their battery packs for 8 yrs or 100000 miles. Replacement battery packs are warrantied for 5 yrs. I drive a 4xe and can arrest to the savings...
  4. Tire Size Recalibration Tool & 4xe Compatibility

    Just make sure you download the latest firmware on the tazer to include the update. It's not always installed when you purchase
  5. Would you still buy 4xe today with $11k price difference?

    My 4xE I've ordered I got under MSRP, around 63. With the tax credit added back it's more than comparable than a 3.6, or a 2.0 Rubicon. With much more power and torque, too bad the 4xE isn't available in extreme recon though
  6. ARB Dual Air Compressor -- run hoses to each tire or just use one long hose to air each tire up separately?

    The Kraken system is genius, innovative AT products also make nearly the same mount for under the passenger seat. There are two separate chucks for each side that run a double hose to inflate all four. Grimm off-road makes an inner fender kit that's got a single chuck under the hood. If you have...