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  1. JCR crusader rock rails

    Anyone have these and how do you like them? I noticed they changed the design a while back from drilling/nutserts in the body to a body mount using stock bolt locations. Just want to see how the newer style is holding up.
  2. ANVIL Wrangler JL Club

    Lets see those Anvil wranglers now that this color has been introduced for the JL's.
  3. MY24 R392 OE shocks

    So from the videos that have surfaced online it appears like the new R392 does not come with the FOX as mentioned in one of the brochures. Anyone know what kind of shocks they are and if they are any good? They don't look to be like the standard XR red Mopar shocks.
  4. 2024 structural changes

    So what’s everyone’s guess on the side impact changes for 2024. I thought about starting to order some parts for my upcoming order and got to thinking about rock rails. Only a few places I can think of to add structural strength and one of them is in the floor pan area which might affect rock...
  5. Has anyone caught this on 2024 392

    Was just looking at the pics at the NY show and had to zoom in. Weren’t the 392’s only available with 4Auto?
  6. Color of this 392 at New York auto show?

    Anyone know the color of the 392 at the auto show. I know lighting makes colors hard to place sometimes. I saw someone say it was Earl but didn’t see the sea foam green highlights in it that Earl has. Is it the Anvil that is back for this year?
  7. Be careful with deposits Mark Dodge

    Let me start off by saying part of this is my fault/I should have known better. Ordered a 2023 4xe with Mark Dodge in Lake Charles, LA on 3/3 with a non-refundable 1000 deposit. Order didn't get confirmed until 3/28, well after MY23 ordering closed. Now looking at the features of MY24, resale...
  8. Update: $3750 EV Tax Credit for Jeep Wrangler 4xe after April 18

    [UPDATED 4/6/23] "Stellantis said of its three plug-in hybrid electric models, its Chrysler Pacifica plug-in electric hybrid will qualify for $7,500 tax credits after April 18, while the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe and Jeep Wrangler 4xe qualify for just $3,750." Source: Reuters...
  9. Orders and current incentives

    I've heard you can pick which incentives you get on orders, either time of order or time of delivery. Is that true? How do you go about "locking in" the current incentives? If you can, does that include the type of incentive that is going on right now? Right now they have a 2000 cash bonus...
  10. Anyone order 4xe lately?

    Anyone order and get confirmed/VIN lately? I ordered on 3/3 and got a VON on my POC but nothing after that. I know it shows the whole 4xe package on restriction in my POC. I didn’t know if this was normal for 4xe’s or what. I see a lot of other models get “confirmed” status and a VIN within a...
  11. Rock Hard 4x4 sliders flat step

    Anyone install these yet on their JL? The site doesn't have a very good pic and would like to see some different angles. I loved my RH4x4 on my 2015 JKU and looks like they added more mounting spots which is great. Not really crazy about the RockHard4x4 cut outs on the top plate. Does it...