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  1. 2024 Bikini Order Room

    I would say yes but it really just depends on the time of day and weather conditions, like being overcast or bright and sunny when you are viewing it. The colors shifts shades depending on the color temperature of light that is on the paint.
  2. Self wrap or no?

    If you do it, make sure to get high quality film and it will last for years
  3. Wheel and tire set up

    Wow… maybe I have had more coffee this morning but I didn’t read that post as any condescending comments. I pretty much agree with what was said. I believe because your post count is low, he was welcoming you to the forum community, but maybe I’m wrong. If you care about ride quality and not...
  4. What’s Next?

    I’d like to see a root beer golden brown metalic color like the old CJ’s.
  5. Painting inside of hard top

    Wow it’s gone up in price over the years. another option to think about is to get a quote from Line-X and see what they would charge to just spray it out in a fine texture. Post up pics when you finish with this project, I’d love to see your finish results
  6. Painting inside of hard top

    It lasted for the 5 years that I owned that Jeep but I no longer have it, but I’m sure it’s still like that. It’s a bed liner so it’s pretty tough. The finish had a fine texture to it. I have a soft top JLUR and a hardtop gladiator now but haven’t got around to doing the hardtop yet on the...
  7. Painting inside of hard top

    https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/painting-hardtop-underside-black-with-bedliner-spray.3514/ Here is a link to what I did and there is many that have used other products. Most of all though, you need to prep really well or the finish will not last or look good.
  8. Help with soft top gaps -- cause and fix?

    Slide the back window back out towards your left. Then undo both side windows and reinstall them. You first want to start at the top of one of the sides and slide it into its track. Once it’s in, then you want to push the end corner up into its position and clip the bottom rear corner into its...
  9. STUCK / FROZEN Pitman Arm / Drag Link Ball Joint

    Pickle fork and a sledge hammer always pops them off for me a regular hammer doesn’t have the weight behind it.
  10. Which Color Should Return/Make An Appearance?

    Jeep should just have an option on builds that you pay a premium to have the color of your choice. Like BMW individual builds or Porsche paint to sample orders.
  11. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Order the Punk n if that is the color you want, then just purchase the gray dash or the textured grey one from the Mojave and swap them out yourself or have the dealer swap them out for you before you take delivery.
  12. Sticker residue?

    this stuff works great for removing adhesive, but for the soft top windows I’d use isopropyl alcohol
  13. Xtreme Recon Package is back for 2023MY! Along with a BRAND NEW option: Black Vinyl Floor Covering

    Has it been confirmed through the dealer build page that firecracker red is no longer available to order for a Rubicon with the XR?
  14. EARL Wrangler JL Club / Photos

    It’s the white balance of the cameras. And different lighting and settings. The top picture has more blue in the sky vs the bottom picture. Plus one is in the shade at evening and one is in direct sun.
  15. EARL Wrangler JL Club / Photos

    Yay -2 Nay-0 :like::clap::LOL:
  16. EARL Wrangler JL Club / Photos

    :movember: In these pics it looks different enough that I think it’s tutu time :giggle:
  17. EARL Wrangler JL Club / Photos

    Looks great on this 4XE Rubicon trim, would love to see a Rubicon in non 4XE trim. Need to get pics of the two in the same picture frame for this to matter. These are taken with different cameras, different times and white balance settings. I’m sure in the coming days we will get one posted
  18. EARL Wrangler JL Club / Photos

    :)Earl looks a lot like lunar rock on the 4Runner and Tacoma
  19. Pics of the new Hurricane twin-turbo I-6 engine live at Stellpower

    The exhaust note of the 3.0 I6 in the GW is probably designed to be very quiet given the target market… it’s a luxury SUV. If it finds it’s way into the wrangler or gladiator It may sound a bit different then the GW.
  20. new I6 vs old V6

    Wranglers usually run a span of about 10yrs before a new generation comes out so if you are waiting for the next gen it may not be until 2027-28