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  1. Jeep Wave Pressure

    Jeep wave pressure or modern day anxiety? Just relax. No one cares if you don’t wave.
  2. Mounting Aux Lights on Steel Bumper

    how did you mount those lights? Thanks!
  3. JK Mopar steel bumper, part identification

    That makes sense, I appreciate the response. thanks!
  4. JK Mopar steel bumper, part identification

    Bought a used JK Rubicon steel bumper. Looks like I have everything I need minus skid plate brackets (do JK brackets fit the JL? I may not attach the skid plate for now) I need help identifying this part, I can’t find it on any instruction manuals online. It does fit between the two bolts...
  5. Will the JK hardrock/10th Anniversary/Recon bumper fit on JLU

    Did you ever reinforce the skid plate?
  6. JK and JL steel bumper the same?

    I’m about to do the same thing!
  7. Will the JK hardrock/10th Anniversary/Recon bumper fit on JLU

    About to do this exact same bumper upgrade. which bar do you have mounted on the bumper?? thanks!
  8. The OEM LED light package is dangerous in snow.

    L 100% agree…. I’ve had to pull over and scrape snow and ice off the headlights Late at night.
  9. 2018 JK Rubicon vs. JL Sport S

    My JLU Sport S is a nicer daily driver, great off-road, but a JK Rubi is 100 % more off road capable. If I could do it all over it would be a very tough decision between the two.
  10. Upgrading Sport S to Rubicon Suspension

    Thanks for posting. I’m doing a similar upgrade in a week or so! Cheers!
  11. Does anyone else get flashed on the regular?

    I find I get flashed mostly when I have my fog lights on. Aim is probably off. I’ll take a look….. one day…..
  12. TOO MUCH OIL (GDI) added by dealer - was tracking down *less fuel efficiency*

    I’m very interested in seeing where this goes. My 2.0 dip stick always looks like that.
  13. Show me your interior traction board mount.

    They will fit in the rear cargo driver side window if you slide them in from the backseat. I don’t have photos atm. I wrap mine in a small tarp which dampens knocking on the glass.
  14. anybody has suffered engine damage due to the oil overfill

    If the oil is overfilled, what’s the process? Drive back and ask them to remove a quart?
  15. Baja Designs Squadron Lights

    Would JK set of these work with the JL?
  16. Going to Moab this and next weekend - any tips?

    Yes please do. I’ll be heading there in May!
  17. Who plans to own it for the long haul?

    I am very much intending to own this long term. Purchased brand new in may 2020. Slowly customizing and fine tuning things as I go. No desire for anything more.
  18. Would you duck me? I'd duck me...

    now I get it 😂👍