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  1. AR | Jeep STIRRUPS Wrangler X GLADIATOR

    I was super excited when I first saw this product and read the post. Then when I looked at the pricing for the Bronco I was completely turned off. This is not a product that warrants the price of a full heavy duty set of rock sliders imo. I’m totally a buyer at a more reasonable price.
  2. Sky One Touch top leaking in hard rain

    Only had mine for a couple months now, although I use it very frequently. No problems thus far. Please update us if they find a fix/find out what the problem was.
  3. Motorcycle versus Wrangler

    Both are fun. Both have a nice community. Both are completely different. If I ever ride again it will not be until after my kids are grown. Several close calls myself, plus 13 years working in an ER have made me paranoid of riding. Too many idiots with cellphones out there, and other bad...
  4. Worth to snag ‘22 gobi 392 or wait?

    I absolutely love my sky one touch top. This is my third Jeep and I will never have another one without it. Even my kids love it. I put in a hotheads liner sunshade and it helped with the wind buffeting them in the backseat so they enjoy it even more. The sky one touch is probably my single...
  5. Deleted

    I made a long post on the gladiator forum and then reposted it in a thread here a while back about Vroom. Needless to say I could see there were glaringly obvious problems with them at the time compared with their competitors. I’d say based on the stock price and recent news surrounding them I...
  6. Mall of Georgia tracking thread

    Just wanted to drop a line here. Closed deal with Mike last week. Original order date of 11/9 (not his fault it took so long). Mike is a solid guy. Deal was exactly as he said. Gave me exactly for my trade what he said. No games or gimmicks. Will definitely order from him in the future again.
  7. Post your progress on Extreme Recon package here

    Took a long time. Picked up from Mike at Mall of Georgia yesterday. It’s one amazing Jeep.
  8. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Finally made it! Been a longggggg time coming.
  9. New Ad: Jeep x Jurassic (Featuring 4xe and Jurassic Park) 🤣

    Lol, what did I just watch? Definitely entertaining. But left me saying what…????
  10. The new Jeep order tracking site is up and running!

    Is there anyone left with an order date older than mine?
  11. The new Jeep order tracking site is up and running!

    As someone who ordered November 9th and still has not received my Jeep. This disgusts me. Good for you though.
  12. Arrived at dealership Tuesday! Ordered in December.r.

    White is never my first color, but every time I see a white Rubicon I think, “man that’s a good looking Jeep.” May have to reconsider if I ever order again.
  13. '22 Rubicons pulled from Ordering System

    I ordered November 9th. Was finally built last week. Now I’m in shipping Purgatory. Hydro blue rubicon XR package, SOT, lots of options. Yes 7 months and counting…. BUT if they announce changes for 2023 soon that I like, I’ll let it go. I don’t NEED the Jeep now and there are some options...
  14. Enough is enough

    Pffttt. I ordered November 9th. Still in D status.
  15. 22 wrangler order date, vin and actual deliveries.

    I ordered November 9th. Rubicon hydro blue sky one touch, tow package, front camera, etc…. Still in gathering parts. I’m honestly considering two different options. 1. Cancel and wait for 2023 as there is supposed to be a refresh, and it’s not that far away now. 2. Cancel and order high...
  16. I'm New; Ordered a High Tide

    I certainly hope you are right. Go read the 2022 orders thread where people’s Jeeps have been built for over a month and they can’t even get a truck or train to ship it to the dealer.
  17. I'm New; Ordered a High Tide

    Congrats! You will love it. Just fyi I ordered my custom build early November. It’s still in D status. You almost certainly will not have it any time in April. Not trying to be a downer but if I was In your shoes I would rather know what’s really going on with orders.
  18. First High Velocity Yellow JL @ Dealer Pictures

    I gotta admit I like this color so much I’m thinks of canceling my hydro blue order I’ve been waiting since November for. I really like this color for some reason, can’t pinpoint it exactly but I’m digging it.
  19. Tennessee Ace engineering rock sliders

    Sold my 4xe. Going a different direction with my extreme recon order. They are a great step/slider for the front passenger, but not a great step for rear passengers. I have young kids and there are better alternatives to help them get in and out of a lifted Jeep.