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  1. JLUR vs Sentra low speed crash at traffic light.

    He did file a claim just now but fortunately I do not plan on trading in or selling.
  2. JLUR vs Sentra low speed crash at traffic light.

    Guy ran a red light with two kids in tow. He braked hard but was still unable to avoid me and hit me probably at less than 10mph. He was pretty cooperative and we kept it cordial. still no idea how he hit me that high up, lol.
  3. JLUR vs Sentra low speed crash at traffic light.

    2020 JLUR vs 2008 Nissan Sentra low speed crash 😣😣😣 The guy was very nice but shaken up. We exchanged insurance info and did not file a police report. He has opened an insurance claim as his damage was a lot more than mine. I am just going to get a can of Mopar Spray paint and do this myself...
  4. Service ABS, 4WD and TCS Signs on for the second time in 3 months (2020 JLUR w/ 3.6 Pentastar and 8 spd auto)

    In my case it was a bad wheel sensor that the dealer fixed. When they did the steering TSB, a sensor got damaged. Surprisingly my Aux battery is still fine. But then again, I have the Tazer JL shut down ESS for good in my Jeep.
  5. Finally a very neutral and fair enough Bronco vs Wrangler comparison

    https://www.roadandtrack.com/reviews/amp38375948/2021-ford-bronco-vs-wrangler/ Guess this author wasn’t sold out to either FCA or Ford. I found the author rather fair. Better than the articles that Car and Driver writes where they just trash the Jeep so much that you’d think someone paid them...
  6. Cold climate = no go

    Given your location, I would tend to think that a Diesel is not for you either. Probably a 3.6 or a 2.0 or a 392 cu in Gas motor would have been my best bet if I was living in the Dakotas. The Diesel probably would have been a headache also due to gelling and what not IMO.
  7. Yea yea off roader BUT who enjoys driving their JL onroad?

    JLUR owner here. Running 100% factory stock and plan to keep it that way. Am on road 99% of the time. Bought the JLUR more for looks than anything else.
  8. Was Car and Driver paid under the table to write this Bronco vs Wrangler comparison article?

    So I guess tomorrow if I am a Yugo employee and pay them money to compare Yugo to a BMW 7 series they will make the Yugo superior? Gotcha lol
  9. Was Car and Driver paid under the table to write this Bronco vs Wrangler comparison article?

    https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/comparison-test/amp38211980/2021-ford-bronco-outer-banks-vs-2021-jeep-wrangler-unlimited-sport-compared/ I personally think the writer of this article was biased in favour of the Bronco. What do you think? Can anyone who has test driven both please chime in?
  10. As a new 392XR owner...

    I am suing that Bar, and Johnnie Walker!
  11. As a new 392XR owner...

    So I was with this girl the other day and ever since then it stings when I pee. Should I get that checked?
  12. Ethanol-Free Gasoline

    I just wonder why NY or NJ gas stations do not sell ethanol free gas? Matter of fact I do not recall seeing Ethanol free anywhere in the North East from NH down to Virginia.
  13. On a scale of 1/10 rate the douche level.

    Maybe his penis can do the double duty of a revolver also?
  14. Need door help immediately! SOLVED! THX

    Post a video please? It may help others diagnose the issue for you. I am not the most technical but a lot of people here are so your video could help a lot more. Whose doors are those and did you contact the manufacturer?
  15. Unofficial 2 door owners section...until the admins create one for us ...hint hint ...wink wink

    Told wife we should get another Jeep on top of our 2020 JLUR. She said she is ok with it for as long as the second Jeep is what men with balls drive rather than a four door that too many soccer moms or girlie men drive these days and pointed at my JLUR and me :'(
  16. Would you Jeep with no a/c?!

    E Even if you will never use the A/C, I would still never skip the A/C. If for any reason you need to sell the Jeep down the road, the resale will take a tremendous hit. I could have been living in Northern Canada. I'd still get the A/C for that one reason alone.
  17. Potential new gun owner: what is recommended revolver calibre for a newbie?

    Looking at something for taking to the shooting range. I am not into hunting.
  18. Potential new gun owner: what is recommended revolver calibre for a newbie?

    1.5 years after applying, the state of NY Granted me a handgun license. Before this I had never really fired a gun. I am into revolvers and therefore interested in getting one. What is a good calibre for someone like me? I think a .22 is too weak and the .500 Magnum interests me esp due to its...