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    Hey @COKENOGOOD Turning on High and low at the same time will cause damage to the mother board and would void the lifetime warranty. I would recommend purchasing our LP9/LP6 Series Upfitter Lock-Out Wiring Harness - Universal to avoid any issues. Best,

    Hey @phageghost After looking at our roof mount bracket It does not allow you to run our A-pillar mount kit at the same time. I found a bracket that will allow you to run a Onx6+ as well as a pair of squadrons. I will go ahead and link the brackets below. Jeep Jl 50In Straight Light Bar Roof...

    Hey @Flip, Thanks for considering Baja Designs for your lighting solution. A light that I would recommend for your fog light would be our Squadron Pro in our driving combo lens pattern. I will go ahead and link them below so that way you can check them out. If you have any other question shoot...
  4. New Baja Designs Forum Coordinator

    New Baja Designs Forum Coordinator Hey Everyone, Bill over at Baja Designs. I am formally introducing myself as the correspondent to this forum from here on out. I will be here for any questions or concerns regarding Baja Designs. Feel free to email me or call about any inquiries about our...
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Looks great, those Squadron ambers almost match the Jeep's color perfectly in this photo. Best, Brandon
  6. Baja Designs NEW S2 SAE

    The S2 SAE is a street-legal version of the normal S2. This includes a completely different optic style allowing for a more focused lighting beam and a sharp cutoff line which is what you want for on-road applications. This light was mainly designed around the vehicle-specific kits that we have...
  7. Baja Designs NEW S2 SAE

    Baja Designs S2 SAE At Baja Designs, we believe that achieving exceptionalism in the realm of automotive lighting becomes a journey of boundless imagination, relentless dedication, and collaborative innovation. It is with this passion and drive that we proudly introduce the Baja Designs S2 SAE...
  8. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    Looks great @Jeepless. Best, Brandon

    Hey @Wild American Off-Road, At this time we don't have any plans to incorporate a 1-3 way switch on the sPOD units. Most folks when using the LP series will hook up the high beam only and use the integrated dimmer feature on the sPOD, to free up that low beam switch. Best, Brandon
  10. Backup Lights

    I don't have a link to the product as it is not sold individually on our website but I have attached a photo of it. I can help you get this order directly if you would like. The splitter is something that you should have if you purchased the reverse kit from us and the link to that is below...
  11. Backup Lights

    Hey @fxceptioN, The red wire on our harness will be the positive and the black wire will be the negative. Depending on the orientation of your trailer brake plug and the wire colors this will determine where you will need to splice into. I can sell the Y splitter available in our hitch light kit...
  12. Squadron Pro vs XL Pro

    Thanks for sharing this, unfortunately the circuit boards and led have since improved drastically so the images are not accurate anymore. I will put together a comparison here shortly for you all. Best, Brandon
  13. Squadron Pro vs XL Pro

    This is definitely a comparison I will be doing soon. After seeing the difference myself the extra money for the pros is worth it. Best, Brandon
  14. Anything I can do to fix my Mopar offroad light? (Condensation)

    Hey @unknownsolo, sorry to hear about your lights. If you are looking to get those replaced we have Squadron Sport and Pros in stock and I can help you out with a forum member special if you are interested. Our lights have a lifetime warranty with proof of purchase no matter where they are...
  15. Baja Designs | Introducing the NEW XL Linkable!

    Hey @rayzjeep, If you would like you can send me a PM and I can get those spacers sold to you, also if you would like to try and source them yourself the size for these are (Spacer, 0.325" x 3/4" x 1/2"). Best, Brandon
  16. Baja Designs | Introducing the NEW XL Linkable!

    Hey @rayzjeep, based on all the images I have seen they should sit pretty flush on the A-pillar. Creating a bit of a curve to the light bar may fix the gap that you are having. If you would like you can send me over some photos via email and I can take a look at what you have going on. My email...
  17. Squadron Pro vs XL Pro

    Squadron Pro vs XL Pro At Baja Designs, we get a handful of questions about the lighting packages we sell and how they perform. With these questions popping up frequently we decided it was time to let that cat out of the bag and share some night output shots of two of our commonly compared...
  18. Baja Designs LP9 install?

    The lockout up-fitter wiring harness has protection built in to prevent damage if both aux are turned on at the same time. The high beam on two lights will be 15amps and the low beam on two lights will be 13amps, so depending on the ratings of your aux switches this may work for you. Best, Brandon
  19. Baja Designs LP9 install?

    If its easier you can give me a direct call at 760-539-3497. Best, Brandon
  20. Baja Designs LP9 install?

    Hey @Panda Mafia, If the harness you have has a single relay this will be the one with the on/off switch. The harness that has the dual relay is our up-fitter lockout harness for this light. This up-fitter harness is designed for the AUX switches and has a lockout feature so you cannot turn the...