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  1. Michigan Jeep 4xe Power Box

    Reminder: the power box is only compatible with the 2024 model 4xe for now, and comes included. Older models will require a significant hardware and software upgrade to enable bi-directional charging. I know, it sucks. I want one too. Reference:
  2. STOLEN!!! I hate thieves!

    Sorry to hear. My '18 JLUR was stolen from in from of my house in January 2023. My new one has multiple theft-deterent and recovery aids, but it doesn't fix the rage of my broken heart...
  3. Can you leave the mini plugged in and update the firmware?

    If anybody still visits this old thread... I have confirmed with Z Automotive Support that you can leave the Tazer JL connected to your vehicle and perform firmware updates. Ideally with the vehicle turned OFF. This is especially helpful for owners who rely on the PIN lock feature and have...
  4. What the duck?

    There are many children's charities that sell rubber ducks to raise money along with their "Duck Races" or "Duck Derby", so it doesn't have to be a Jeep thing. And there is a handicap parking permit on the driver's side of the dash (although it should be hanging from the mirror).
  5. What is this part under the Jeep called?

    It appears you have a JLU Rubicon (from the red shocks). That part would be the gas tank skid plate.
  6. Phone Mount for 4xe

    I'm aware of many 4xe mounting solutions, but I'm already commited to RAM Mount. I had about 10 mount points in my old (stolen) Jeep and many pieces left over. Tackform and 67D and other mounts are all 20mm balls which are not easily compatible with the 17mm Garmin and 24mm (1") RAM balls, so...
  7. Phone Mount for 4xe

    The RAM Mount was a brilliant idea! RAM should make a production version of the same mount. There are some additional holes to drill, since I'd like to use all of the mounts, but the basic part is done! Very happy to have a solid mounting system!
  8. Product superior to Rain-X?

    I agree on Aquapel treatment, though I usually always use Rain-X washer fluid too.
  9. light switch recommendation?

    How about this? Not that expensive on Amazon... https://www.voswitch.com/Voswitch-JL300-Lower-Dash-Switch-Panel-for-Jeep-Wrangler-JL-2018-Current-and-Gladiator-2020-Current-p1350843.html
  10. How silly would a Rubicon on 33s look with a 3.5” lift for a few months?

    Mine was like that for a while, and is like that for the winter months. I have a Teraflex 3.5" lift and use my OEM wheels and tires in winter, with dedicated larger offset wheels and 35" tires for trails in the summer. I will say that when my OEM tires are finished, they will be replaced with...
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    As @Dyolfknip74 said -- wrapped the Mopar headliner in a checker tablecloth from Amazon. So Canadian, eh?
  12. How does everyone mount their cell phones?

    No, it won't hold a tablet, but the center arm is mounted with a standard 1/4-20 threaded screw, so any tripod or ball mount can be fitted to it. Or pull the holder and it's a 17mm plastic ball.
  13. 2022 Wrangler Rubicon - Identify part and reason? Factory error?

    Not to hijack the thread, but how are you jacking your Wrangler? The jack goes under the axle, not on the body or frame like unibody-type vehicles. Unless you mean jack-stands...
  14. Post your local gas/fuel prices [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Paid CA$2.259/l this morning, the highest I have ever seen it in Montreal. That's equivalent to US$6.79/gal with today's exchange rate. It was only US$4.99/gal across the border in NY this past weekend. Easy gas conversion calculator: https://usgas.ca/us
  15. 4xe Camping Machine !

    I see you installed the airbag valve in the same place that I did beside the license plate! That worked well for the 2 summers that I used airbags. I needed them to tow, but I was also rock crawling, which was very hard on them. One got pinched and the other was bulged inside the springs...
  16. 2022 Wrangler Rubicon - Identify part and reason? Factory error?

    It looks like a part that might help prevent the infamous crash test roll-over, where the front wheel gets pushed under the rocker and flips the Jeep... Added: Is there a part number stamped on it? Maybe it's a "Tire Deflector Bracket" P/N 68596661AA (Discontinued)
  17. Axle Locker Sensor issue officially has a fix! Repair kit released

    I've had the "Service Axle Locker System" error on solid for weeks now. Finally got in to see the dealer about it, and it turns out I had a damaged wire above the rear diff. A quick repair and some loom to protect it and I'm back in business! I still have the Z-Auto bypass module on order for...
  18. Mopar Perforamance Slider questions.

    I personally like the Rock Hard 4x4 sliders for best-of-all-worlds performance. I purchased the angled-down tubes for a better step. They are completely sealed, so no open ends or tubes or plastic caps. That's important in bad salty, slushy Montreal winters. I did not worry about the body...